thermos Esbit polar vacuum ml flask

thermos Esbit polar vacuum ml flask 1
Extremely characteristic thermos with distinctive varnish, is an Esbit offer for everyone who is looking for a unique tourist thermos.

The Esbit brand is well-known for its top quality thermos and other tourist equipment. Its products are appreciated by all lovers of active leisure time for the very high quality of workmanship and the use of the best available materials. In the case of the Polar version, a non-standard white-colored lacquer with a slight pearl gloss has been added, which will make it stand out from the competition. Like the other model, Polar Vacuum Flask is made of high quality stainless steel.

The double walls with the vacuum between them guarantee perfect insulation from the conditions prevailing outside.

Thanks to this thermos very long maintains the temperature of the liquid being poured. In winter, it will allow a longer to enjoy a hot drink and cool in the summer. Thanks to the long temperature maintenance, the tea will be equally tasty at the beginning as well as at the end of the trip.

The upper nut also serves as an insulated cup.

The inclusion of a second cup, made of plastic, allows you to use a thermos by two people, thanks to which you can enjoy a hot drink together during breaks.

The manufacturer puts the user the choice of the type of cork to be used-two types of them are attached. Zakrecany- is a favorite choice of lovers of proven solutions and accustomed to traditional patents. A modern cork with a button, in turn, is in the direction of supporters of the greatest possible comfort on the trail.

One click and the thermos is open, the second and all is closed.

The model is designed for everyone who is looking for a unique thermos, which will provide excellent insulation and convenience during frequent use.


Capacity-1 l

Weight-approx. 570 g

Brand: Esbit


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