heater to finger toe warmer

heater to finger toe warmer 1
Practical sachets for heating fingers with self-adhesive tape (eg for socks or garters)

– They heat up to 6 hours

– Average temperature 38 ° C

– Package dimensions: 14 cm x 10 cm x 0.5 cm

– 1 Package contains 2 sachets


Effectiveness-up to 6 hours

Average temperature-38 degrees C

Dimensions-14 cm x 10 cm x 0.5 cm

Packaging-2 items


Just open the package, pull out the air bag and during 2- 3 minutes of sachet start working, giving pleasant warmth. Interestingly-you can put the insert in the bag (from the string)

and expire. It is time to take out and "start" again.

iron, water, cellulose, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt


Inserts operate based on a chemical reaction, i.e. oxidation of iron in oxygen from the air. The iron contained in the sachet when exposed to oxygen, oxidizes and, at the same time, gives off heat.

Sol acts as a catalyst.

Active carbon helps dissipate heat to the entire sachet.

The vermiculat works as an insulator to keep warm and anti-caking. Cellulose serves as a filler.

All ingredients are contained in a polypropylene sachet. Polypropylene allows the air to penetrate into the components while retaining moisture.


Safe to use, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, working without any trouble-you do not have to mix, squeeze, you do not need batteries, you do not need dirty fuel (oil, gasoline), no risk with fire.

Expiration date until 13/11/2018.

Brand: Onlyone


HotHands Toe Warmers

hothands toe warmers

  1. TO ACTIVATE – Remove warmer from outer package, shake to activate.
  2. MULTIPURPOSE WARMERS – Single use air-activated heat packs that provide everyday warmth and are ideal for keeping your body warm when the temperature gets cold.
  3. They’re available in several styles designed for your hands, feet, and body.
  4. WHEN TO USE: Tailgating at Events, Outdoor Sporting Events, Hunting & Fishing, Camping & Hiking, Working in The Yard, Jogging or Taking Your Pet for A Walk.
  5. Our Disney collection is perfect for little hands and pockets.
  6. These warmers provide safe, natural heat, so you can enjoy the great outdoors during those harsh winter months.
  7. The toe warmers are ultra-thin, have a rounded toe and are designed for optimal comfort in boots & shoes.
  8. Odorless

    – Each warmer provides up to 8 hours of heat

    – Made in USA

    Hot to use:

    Simply open the package, peel away the paper backing, and stick the warmers to the bottom of your socks, under your toes.

  9. I have purchased these every year for a numbers of years to keep my toes warm.
  10. I have peripheral neuropathy from chemo and this really helps (when it works).
  11. Even though this is shown in a box, the last time I ordered these they were shipped in a USPS envelop not the box.
  12. That might not sound so bad, but what happened is that the envelop did not keep the warmers flat.
  13. Imagine how a bump in the warmer feels on sensitive feet – yes, it is not good.
  14. So, order from a vendor that sends them flat in a box, not this vendor who sent them crumpled up in an envelop.
  15. They have always come in the retail display box you see pictures, which makes for a very convenient way to hold them through-out the year and makes a nice present to wrap.
  16. The hot hands arrived haphazardly stuffed into a USPS bag.
  17. I can usually get hands warm with external devices I’ve purchased, but my feet were SOL because of the shoe thing.
  18. I’ve found these to be just what I needed, gentle warmth when enclosed in a shoe.
  19. I’ve tried using them only when I was going to be needing them for the full 8 hours (didn’t want to pay for something to throw out after only a few hours) but feet told me to use them anyway.
  20. HAPPY to report that after removing them after only a short time and putting them in an air-sealed bag (while wrapped up in thick socks) they again were warm when I gave them a few minutes in the open air before placing them in my shoes again.
  21. The only drawback for using them a second time like that was that they didn’t stick quite so well, but with a regular, closed shoe, they didn’t move.
  22. So, if you’re on the fence because you will only need them for a short time each day, try doing what I did and reuse them.
  23. I have Raynaud’s syndrome, and as soon as the temperature falls below a certain point my hands and fingers get numb–and worse.
  24. However I am certain there are some defective items in this case.
  25. When I pull out a pair, usually one (but sometimes both) poof up with air like a balloon (never had this happen before) and become excruciatingly, painfully hot.
  26. This morning I had to pull over off the road to take of my left shoe and now have a mild burn mark on my left toes.
  27. I stick them on top of my socks above my toes (not under them like they show).
  28. They will keep you and your feet warm for a good 8 hours!
  29. He loves them for the cold, they don’t get too hot and keep his feet warm throughout the entire day.
  30. I wouldn’t say toasty, but they do put out some heat and last at least 4 hours.
  31. That’s the longest I have worn them so far, and they are still warm.
  32. They are carpenters that work outside right in the snow belt in IN along Lake Michigan.

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HotHands Toe Warmers – Long Lasting Safe Natural Odorless Air Activated Warmers – Up to 8 Hours of Heat – 6 Pair

hothands toe warmers long lasting safe natural odorless air activated warmers to

  1. These warmers provide safe, natural heat, so you can enjoy the great outdoors during those harsh winter months.
  2. Specs & Details:
    • Quantity: 12 Individual Toe Warmers (6 pairs).
  3. Average Temperature: 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 degrees Celsius).
  4. Max Temperature: 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius).
  5. Ingredients: Iron Powder, Water, Salt, Activated Charcoal, and Wood Fiber.
  6. Country of Origin: Made in the USA using domestic and imported materials.
  7. It’s a brand trusted all over the world by professional athletes, outdoor sporting enthusiasts, spectators, skiers, outdoor worker and by anyone wanting safe, convenient, concentrated warmth in cold weather conditions.
  8. Directions – Do not open the outer package until ready to use.
  9. Remove warmer from the outer package: shake to activate.
  10. They did not stay noticably warm for more than an hour and a half, and that was after I opened them and waited about 20 minutes to stick them on my socks (thats the best way I’ve found so far).
  11. I am guessing they rely on reactions with oxygen to make heat, but when my feet are inside my work boots, there is no air flow.
  12. I was hoping these would work a bit better as I’ve always had good luck with the hand warmers.
  13. I probably will not buy another pack of these unless the first couple of ones I used ended up just being a few bad eggs.
  14. They said they work well, but noted they don’t get real hot.
  15. They said they kept their feet warm for about 3-4 hours.
  16. They also said they get uncomfortable on your feet after walking for a while.
  17. They never get especially hot, just gently warm to somewhere around body temperature, so you can wear them all day without having your toes sweat.
  18. After about ten minutes, I completely forget that I am wearing them — I just have comfortable feet.
  19. They attach and remove easily and leave no sticky residue on the socks.
  20. My feet were completely frozen even having this product in use.
  21. I had to use the hand warmers in my shoes, which was limited.
  22. I’ve ordered the full insoles in the hopes I will have better results.
  23. My husband and daughters all have Ratnauds syndrome and these allow them to enjoy outdoor winter activities such as skiing.
  24. When out in the cold they don’t feel warm yet they prevent toes from freezing.
  25. It’s best to use right from the beginning of outdoor activity before you get cold.
  26. The first day we “knead and shook” it and it wasn’t nearly as warm as the handwarmers.
  27. The second day we did not knead or shake, but same low-effect.
  28. They worked great and were comfortable to wear, did not crowd toes.
  29. If your boots are tight fitting around the toes, this will not be true.
  30. They are shaped as pictured and are about the thickness of a couple of tea bags.
  31. Bought them for snowboarding because my toes always freeze and I was very excited to NOT have cold toes, however the only time these got a hint of warmness was when they were out of the boots.
  32. I did end up using them as hand warmers (put them in my gloves) and they worked great but they produced ZERO HEAT in shoes.
  33. My toes usually go numb very quickly, but they were nice and toasty when I used this product!<
  34. We found them leaned against our up stairs neighbors door.

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