lift top bottom to the wall lock ud titanium sport tsw

lift top bottom to the wall lock ud titanium sport tsw 1
Top and bottom pull-out for the wall with thigh locks-Titanium Sport-TS1W01 TS1W01 pull-out fixed to the wall, designed for training in home gym as well as for polycomeric applications.

The solid construction of Polish steel and numerous facilities in the form of roller collars, contoured thick plates and polymer buffers ensure safety and comfort of the exercise.

All bolts and nuts are secured with covers, and profiles and pipes are masked.

Such solution increases the aesthetics of finishing and prevents the accidental rubbing of the body with metal elements.

To attach the pull to the wall, screw it to the wall with 8 screws.

Such a method of assembly ensures full stability of the equipment while exercising both on the upper and lower extractor.

For sliding a slide made of 60mm x 60mm profile, there are two slides made of a special plastic compound.

This solution ensures a smooth movement of the slide over the profile measuring 45mm x 45mm and makes the slide do not draw the vertical drawbar guide.

This model is designed to work with free weights, which you set on a strong 28 mm diameter rod. The cable is terminated with a thick polymeric ball-shaped bumper. It protects the pin and metal parts from damage that may arise when releasing the rod after the end of the exercise.

The bottom wheel makes the lift a multifunctional device that can work both as a top and bottom extract, which in effect allows the arms, chest and shoulders.

The lower thigh lock allows you to operate with heavier weights and perform exercises in the correct position. Included in the set are all links, rifles, clamps and assembly elements, as well as a lever for the top extractor. Here are the exercises you can do with our excerpt:

– Straightening the forearms of arms horizontally at the top of the upper stand
– Straightening of the forearms at the top of the upper stand
– Downloading the upper extract to the chest with the trap
– Pulling the tip of the upper extract into the chest in the undercoat
– Pulling the top of the extractor to your neck in the raft
– Pulling the lower arm holder to the chest
In the box you also get the long rod to the lift-TSD11-you canstart exercising immediately; -)
without additional expenses.


UTG All-in-1 Ultimate Range Competition Bag

utg all ultimate range competition bag

  1. Its well designed layout allows for easy organization, ample room, versatile use and comfortable carry.
  2. The huge main compartment provides plenty of room for your gear and features 2 inside wall pockets for extra storage.
  3. A wealth of external pockets expands your options even more, including a fully open-able padded front pocket with 10 elastic loops to hold accessories and an inside wall pocket for magazines.
  4. The opposite side padded front pocket, also fully open-able, comes with a detachable gun cleaning mat and 8 pistol mag pouches.
  5. Additional features include a removable pull-out bag with internal adjustable dividers, 2 removable pistol cases and 2 brass bags.
  6. A fully adjustable shoulder strap with duty hook/D Ring attachments and a non-slip grip texture, as well as reinforced wrap-around carry handles, allow for flexible range bag carry.
  7. Constructed with super tough PVC coated material, reinforced stitching and heavy duty zippers, this All-in-1 range bag is built to last.
  8. One of the selling features for me, is the fold out pad for placing your gun(s) on for prepping or cleaning.
  9. The magazine holders are in the same compartment for easy access.
  10. There are plenty of compartments and they have lots of room.
  11. They certainly look like they are all clones of one another.
  12. So with that thought in mind, I’d save 35-40 dollars and let the price and desired color of the bag be your guide.
  13. The bag looks great, has tons of room, and seems to be of very good quality.
  14. My husband was a Green Beret in the 1980’s and went on to become a professional fire fighter, so he is pretty rough on equipment like this bag.
  15. I will add to this review after he has had the chance to put a few miles on it so STAY TUNED!!<
  16. It holds my four pistols, spotting scope tools and ammo with no problem.
  17. It alos has plenty of pocket for accessories like shooting gloves ear and eye protection.
  18. Seems very well made and holds several guns and all my shouting gear.
  19. The only thing, is where can I buy more of the pistol cases that are included with this?<
  20. Lots of strong straps to carry comfortably when heavyily loaded.
  21. It seems to be a quality product and so far is holding up very well with no issues.

Buy UTG All-in-1 Ultimate Range Competition Bag here $73.23

2 Pack Portable LED Camping Lantern with 6 AA Batteries-Camping Equipment Gear Survival Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Storm, Power Outage (Black, Collapsible)

pack portable led camping lantern with batteries camping equipment gear survival

  1. You can use them as lantern stand on the table, hanging on the wall with top handle, or outdoor flashlight with side handle and switch button.
  2. Warranty Service–Your satisfaction is our guarantee, if you products have any not satisfied, can return it within 30 days, we will return money to you as soon as possible.
  3. Functionality
    The top part of this device houses the main LED lantern lights.
  4. Pulling it out will activate and expose the LED lights.
  5. The more it’s pulled out – the more the LED lights are exposed, and therefore the brighter it gets.
  6. Twice the brightness of old tech 30 LED lanterns, enough to light a tent, caravan, boat, garage or shed with ease.
  7. Also perfect for keeping round the house for use during power outages, Halloween and night time events.
  8. May our products bring healthy and beautiful life for you and your family!

Buy 2 Pack Portable LED Camping Lantern with 6 AA Batteries-Camping Equipment Gear Survival Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Storm, Power Outage (Black, Collapsible) here $7.99

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