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The Climbing Technology Lumex Pro is a professional 185lumen headlamp created by the Italian manufacturer of climbing equipment, for the most demanding users. Lumex Pro will work perfectly under the most difficult conditions rain, snow or frost forehead by Climbing Technology is resistant to water, dirt and mechanical damage. The Lumex Pro headlamp has 5 main lighting modes (forward)

and two additional red lighting modes (at the back)

to increase our safety when we are on the road or cycling.

The width of the light beam can easily be changed by adjusting the lens.

Ergonomic shape and good positioning of the buttons ensures comfortable use even with gloves.

The moving head allows you to adjust the kata in the range of 90 degrees. The most important features:
– Maximum brightness 185 lumens;

– The main source of light very bright and efficient CREE WHITE diode;

– Additional light source 2 white diodes 5mm and two red ones (front and rear)

– Operating time in HIGH MODE mode (CREE diode)

16 hours;

– Maximum working time in ECO-MODE mode (two 5mm LEDs)

and 240 hours on back light;

– Operating time in emergency mode flashing red LED 500 hours;

– Power supply 3 AA batteries (included)

Weight (inclbatteries): 200 g;
Dimensions of the head: approx. 4.5 5 4.5 cm;
Dimensions of the battery compartment: approx. 8 5 3 cm; Operating time: 16-500 h Weight without batteries: 127g Weight with batteries: 200g Water resistance: Yes Power supply: 3 x AA Variable modes: Yes Bulb: 5

Brand: Climbing Technology

Tesla HyperDri Short Sleeve T-Shirt Athletic Cool Running Top MTS03/MTS04/MTS05/WTS05

tesla hyperdri short sleeve shirt athletic cool running top mts mts mts wts

  1. I’m a 5’9′ tall’ and weight 200 pounds and this is my opinion.
  2. I’m not a chubby guy but I’m a little over-weight in my waist.
  3. The only “but” is that for me it runs a little bit large but is fine for the price.
  4. I purchased an XL shirt because I prefer my running shirts to be a little loose.
  5. I could not run in this shirt – way too tight (for me).
  6. Everyone has their own preference, so I am sharing two pictures as comparison.
  7. The first (red on red) shows the XL Tesla shirt against an L sized Under Armour shirt.
  8. The second (red on grey) shows the same XL Tesla shirt against an L sized Champion (Target brand) shirt.
  9. It’s tighter in the armpits, shorter sleeves, tighter across the body, and shorter in length.
  10. Recently I’ve noticed I’m in like shmedium section so I went with a medium.
  11. Do yourself a favor and go smaller cause it has a loader fit.
  12. Check pics below
    Pic 1• natural state shirt goes past my waist, under my but and pretty much the length of my hands
    Pic 2• me pulling it back to get it to more disorable state , notice how much extra room and how stretchy
    Pic 3• showing elastic it is.
  13. I’m 5’11 190 pounds so I bought an XL (one size up) – comically large on me.
  14. I really love the feel and material on the shirt though, so the next pass I ordered both a Large and a Medium.
  15. I am again returning the large but I am keeping the medium.
  16. So I received this shirt today in 2XL and it’s skin tight.
  17. Based on other reviews there seems to be some sizing issues with this item.
  18. I suggest you buy elsewhere to avoid the disappointment I have.
  19. I bought 1 base layer tank about 4nmonths ago and that lead to me using nothing but this brand for my gym attire.
  20. I now have 3 of these shirts(buying more as we speak) 7 base layer compression tanks, 4 basket ball style shorts, 4 sleeveless compression shirts and 3 base layer compression shorts.
  21. These superceded all of my under armor stuff in quality.
  22. This is that rare time when a new company is trying to make a name for them self by producing very good products.
  23. My recommendation, buy as much as you can before these prices skyrocket because all of tesla’s product are worth more than they cost.
  24. But I will stand by tesla products as they have been great to me thus far.
  25. And no I didn’t get anything for free and no I am not paid advertisement I just give credit where credit is due.
  26. My only recommendation is to buy 1 article first to test fit the size before you buy more, this is mainly for their compression stuff, I’m 6’2″ 220lbs semi lean build and I generally run the large sizes with a bit of a snug fit.
  27. The only thing I don’t like is the logo on the breast area.
  28. I bought a white one, washed it in the washing machine (a front loading, top of the line LG) just once on gentle cycle and it did not fare well so I advise against washing it any other way than by hand which is all it really needs.
  29. Wasn’t looking for spandex, by any means, but at least something somewhat athletic/flattering.
  30. I wound up ordering a gray and a white MTS04, both X Large.
  31. Fits more like a large regular t-shirt but is shorter in length.

Buy Tesla HyperDri Short Sleeve T-Shirt Athletic Cool Running Top MTS03/MTS04/MTS05/WTS05 here $6.98 – $10.98

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