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The Esbit Kettle 0.6L steam kettle is a handy vessel made of anodized aluminum-the fastest way to boil water! You can boil 600ml of liquid in it very quickly, which significantly saves gas in the oven.

The surface of hardened, anodized aluminum is stronger than classic stainless steel and 5 times harder than standard aluminum.

This means less scratches and no dents.

The foldable handle makes it easy to pack in a backpack.

On the top of the lid there is a practical hook. The size was chosen so that the kettle was in a set of dishes with a spirit burner (ALCOHOL BURNER kit).
Weight: 140 g

Dimensions: Diameter 130 mm (at the base)

x 85 mm (in the upper part), height 60 mm

Capacity: 0.6 l

Dimensions of the set: 150 mm x 68 mm

Brand: Esbit


Esbit 600ml (20 oz) Hard Anodized Aluminum Water Kettle

esbit oz hard anodized aluminum water kettle

  1. Fits inside CS2350HA Alcohol Stove & Camp Cookset (E-CS2350HA).
  2. This kettle is also to be used for my ultralight backpacking.
  3. I can fit a small Esbit alcohol stove or ultralight titanium solid fuel stove in the kettle.
  4. Solid fuel for stove = 14gr (0.5 oz) for each solid fuel cube that will boil 1 pint (473 ml) Water.
  5. A six day trip with two hot meals per day, including the 600 ml Esbit kettle, Esbit ultralight solid fuel stove and 12 cubes of fuel weighs-in at 11 oz (312 gram) on day one and ends the trip six days later weighing only 5 oz (142 gram).
  6. The kettle has a large enough opening to use it as a pot if needed.
  7. There are three problems I have, but they are minor and I’m still very impressed.
  8. Second, the lid doesn’t latch on in any way, it just rests on top and can fall off in a pack.
  9. Third, it can be hard to know when it has reached a boil since there’s no whistle (which is good) and for whatever reason it doesn’t make as much noise when boiling compared to other (full size, kitchen) kettles.
  10. You just have to pay close attention or know about how long it will take on your stove.
  11. With the noise and large open space of the outdoors, it is very hard to hear it boiling.
  12. You have to look for water vapor coming out or actually look inside.
  13. I use it in my kitchen now for a cuppa from time to time.
  14. That said, this product was specifically designed to fit inside the Esbit camping alcohol cookset.
  15. However this does not fit as expected when its inside the pot even after removing some items (refer photos), hence the reason I reduced the 1 star.
  16. If you do want to fit the kettle inside the pot perfectly, then you must remove almost all the items (from the pot) that comes with the kit which defeats the purpose of being compact while backpacking.
  17. I am a little disappointed because for the price you pay, the size you get and its purpose, it does not do what it is expected to do (at least be able to close it).
  18. It might work with other camping stove kits or as a separate piece; it just didnt fit my need.
  19. But overall the product is very good and it will not disappoint you.
  20. The lid fits tight enough to stay in place when pouring but is easily lifted off to check your boil.
  21. I used it at night camping and made the mistake of filling it to just below the spout.
  22. When I picked it up I was pouring boiling water on everything.
  23. Its large enough to fit an alcohol stove and small bowl or other items inside.
  24. It’s the perfect size for anyone that wants to prepare freeze dried meals and a hot drink with one shot.
  25. I use it regularly with a home gas stovetop, an electric stove, a titanium Esbit ultralight wing stove, and a trangia 27-5 hard anodized stove.
  26. If I ever need to replace it, it’ll be the exact same model!<
  27. I bought it to boil water for my dehydrated meals and it is the perfect size for one person.
  28. When hiking, I pack my windscreen, ultralight stove, and fuel inside this teapot.
  29. Two things to note, the lid does not securely fit on top of the teapot.
  30. If you are storing this on the outside of your pack, use a strap to secure the lid to the teapot.
  31. The other thing to note is to not fill the water about the spot.
  32. When you’ve got a boil going, it will boil over and can easily spill out if you aren’t careful while transporting the pot.
  33. It’s a great replacement for the Trangia 27 aluminum kettle.
  34. The Trangia Burner and Folding Spork fit inside the kettle.
  35. It fits nicely on top of the Clikstand or the Trangia Triangle stands.
  36. If I would make any changes, I would definitely shorten the sprout.
  37. The lid is loose and would fall off in the pack if you didn’t use a band of some kind or a stuff sack to hold it all together.
  38. The choice to use a wire for the handle means that the kettle might tear up your delicate gear if you’re not careful of how you pack it.
  39. I agree with another reviewer that the spout could have been cut down a little shorter, but this isn’t a big deal.
  40. The quality of this is top notch, unlike the competitors’ kettles.
  41. If you like the design, you won’t be disappointed with the execution.
  42. A little difficult to handle the cover, but can get used to.

Buy Esbit 600ml (20 oz) Hard Anodized Aluminum Water Kettle here $25.86

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