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A new look at the well-known running belt designed by the iconic gears of ultra-Scott Jurek from the Signature Series

. You will put everything you need for training into it. Belt made of materials that do not absorb moisture and salt.

All breathable and non-chafing thanks to soft finish from the inside. The belt has:

– waterproof, zipped phone pocket (will fit iPhone 7)

17 cm / 9 cm

– airy pocket for a speedy snack with a small carabiner in the middle for keys with dimensions of 13 cm / 9 cm

– reflective elements

– adjustable Velcro strap


Weight-63 g

Dimensions –

– height: 10 cm

– width: 33 cm

– depth: 7 cm

Length –

– S / M-66-84 cm

– M / L-79-109 cm

Materials –

– MonoRip Mesh-breathable, non-stretched and waterproof

– 60D Silnylon-lightweight and durable

– 4Way Powerstretch Woven-flexible and comfortable

Bottle included-Yes

Hook to start number-Yes

Space bottle-Yes

Brand: Ultimate Direction

Ultimate Direction Jurek Essential

ultimate direction jurek essential

  1. It is a wrap-around Mono Belt with Velcro size adjustment.
  2. This lightweight monofilament mesh is ideal for bounce-free load carrying.
  3. D Sil-nylon has great strength and abrasion resistance with low weight.
  4. A hidden and protected headphone port allow you to listen to music on the go.
  5. It is big enough to hold my phone, a short leash for my dog (I trail run with her off-leash), dog treats, and poop bags.
  6. I love that it is velcro so you can adjust the fit precisely.
  7. The velcro is strong enough, that when I do run with my dog on a leash, I can attach the leash to the bag (loop the handle through) and everything stays put.

Buy Ultimate Direction Jurek Essential here $19.88 – $44.49

Ultimate Direction Jurek Essential Waist Pack

ultimate direction jurek essential waist pack

  1. Uber comfortable and breathable, you won’t be able to tell you have it on.
  2. Small pocket has stretch mesh front and waterproof backing and is perfect for keys, license, or electrolytes.
  3. It squeezes into the expandable mesh pouch, but the zipper will scratch the side of the case as you struggle to squeeze it in, and should you finally achieve getting it in, will scratch the top of your case …if …you manage to zip it.
  4. I purchased this specifically to protect my phone from rain.
  5. The measurement and shape of the pouch dwindles dramatically halfway into the depth.
  6. The tops of the pockets are those dimensions advertised, but the the pocket shape dwindles in width about a third to halfway down.
  7. I now have had to purchase a waterproof bag with a neck lanyard which fits to the shape of the phone and it’s measurements without a struggle.
  8. Even a struggle wouldn’t end up a success story with these pouches and my phone.
  9. I tried the Ultimate Direction Access Waist Pack but had to return it because the pouch was too small to fit a smart phone.
  10. I was trying to decide between this one and the Ultimate Direction Women’s Meow Waistpack.
  11. I picked this one because the separate compartments appealed to me as I did not want to fumble in a large pouch for what I was looking for.
  12. For my needs, I fit a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a rubberized case snugly in one pouch, chomps in one, and the small pouch was great for my keys.
  13. I am planning on putting a small compact camera in the pouch as my first half marathon will be Disney World and I want to capture running through the castle.
  14. I ran my first 10 miles ever and this did not bounce or bother me much.
  15. I cannot say this is the perfect waist pack but for my needs, it worked very well.
  16. However, I will say that if you are running long istances, it is worth spending a little extra money on a waist pack.
  17. I’m not one for wearing anything, however was looking for something to carry my phone and nutrition on shorter runs.
  18. Over a tucked shirt was better, but still shifted during the run.
  19. First, I don’t carry liquid on runs when water is provided.
  20. If I need water or electrolytes when out by myself I carry a bottle for ease of drinking.
  21. I’m not a fast runner and max distance I run is half marathons.
  22. First, the small key pouch fits my drivers license, money and a hotel key card or my car key.
  23. It’s nice to have a spot just for that “stuff” so it doesn’t get dropped when reaching into other pockets.
  24. Second, the separate water proof pouch is great for phones.
  25. The stretch pouch can hold all manner of snacks and I’m always amazed how much I can cram into it.
  26. In comparison to all the other belts I’ve purchased this is by far the best one for compartments and design.
  27. I’ve had mine for two years now (I think) and it has no tears or fraying.
  28. It is very very light and I can barely feel the waist pack when I run with it.
  29. The front small porch is perfect for credit card/ATM card and some cash with my door key.
  30. It should be barely big enough for a 5 inches screen phone but should be a bit tight (I do not have one so unable to test it).
  31. The grey compartment is flexible, you can put 4-5 packs of gel in it, or a small windbreaker (those you can squeeze it to a size of a fist).
  32. There is two simple bib clips at the front so you can use it as a racebelt.
  33. Green pocket fits couple tissue, one fob, earbuds and a few vitamin C candy.
  34. I’ve done casual jogs, bay 2 breaker and half marathon with it.
  35. It definitely expands to hold a variety of phone sizes.
  36. But the buckle/strap system isn’t really smoothly comfortable around my waist.
  37. It needs to ride up high above my hips, and that’s just an awkward look on race day 😉 I’d love for this to have a wider strap.
  38. I put 3 Clif Shots, 2 Bear Nakeds, a cell phone, a few cards, and some cash in the pockets.
  39. I was expecting some bounce, but once I had it on and adjusted, I actually had to check a few times to make sure it hadn’t fallen off, or something equally unlikely.
  40. I highly recommend this belt – my pockets have been liberated!
  41. Silnylon pocket just fits my galaxy s7 when I take the case off.
  42. However, if your cell phone is larger than IPhone 5/5s, this pack won’t hold it for you.

Buy Ultimate Direction Jurek Essential Waist Pack here $14.99

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