TREC Dibencozide force capsules
Dibencozide force-a high quality supplement that contains in its composition the most active form of vitamin B12 in the form of coenzyme (5-deoxyadenosylcobalamin).
Wit.B12 has found a wide application in the nutrition of athletes as a means of supporting the growth of strength and non-fat muscle mass.

Additional supplementation with Dibencozide force increases the anabolic capacity of the body, increasing protein metabolism, carbohydrates and fats, which indirectly affects the improvement of the lacquer. Vitamin B12 also affects the increase of DNA activity in the production of red blood cells (erythrocytes) transporting oxygen.

Acceleration of the pace of their reconstruction, in turn, helps to increase the body’s efficiency during aerobic training.

The systematic use of Dibencozide force improves the general condition of the body.

Favor in a daily dose:
(2 capsules)

– deoxyadenosylcobalamin 2000 μg

Usage: The recommended daily allowance is 2 x 1 capsule.

The first portion during or immediately after meals, the second portion 45 minutes before the training. Preparation to drink about 200 ml of liquid.

Brand: Trec


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Mobility Resistance Bands (Super Bands) – Single Exercise Band or Set – 41″ Long – Elastic Workout & Powerlifting Bands

mobility resistance bands super bands single exercise band set long elastic work

  1. MOBILITY WOD – for joint distraction (hip, ankle, shoulder, wrist), banded flossing – to improve muscle dynamics & joint mechanics, mobilizing joint capsules, clearing impingements.
  2. Pull-ups, Push-ups assist bands help to mimic the ideal movement with neutral spine position, w/o overextension, encouraging good mechanics.
  3. As a muscle reaches its end, the band does not force it beyond ROM, but gradually lengthens it as the muscle releases or relaxes.
  4. ASSISTED ISOMETRICS & STABILIZATION – planks, glute bridges, standing isometric stabilization, rehab bar (Dowel) isometrics, training of hip & trunk integrated stabilization, etc.
  5. STRENGTH, FUNCTIONAL TRAINING, CROSSFIT Unlike weights training, the resistance bands allow to train in any force vector, building functional movements in horizontal, vertical, rotational or multi-plane vectors.
  6. Resistance can be adjusted just by changing band length.
  7. FOR ANY SPORT The bands are a great tool to increase functional strength for any ground based sport: soccer, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball, or wrestling.
  8. REHABILITATION & GENERAL FITNESS It also creates the perfect training stimuli to improve daily or occupational strength.
  9. Weights cannot biomechanically reproduce the correct line of force needed to resist the horizontal and rotational movements that dominate in human life.
  10. PULL UP, PUSH UP ASSISTANCE; REACTIVE NEUROMUSCULAR TRAINING (RNT) Performing a push-up from your knees encourages poor mechanics, compromising your ability to squeeze your butt and create tension in your trunk.
  11. To create a rigid, flat back, you need to set your pelvis in a neutral position by keeping your glutes squeezed.
  12. MOBILITY WORK As described in Kelly Starrett’s “Becoming a Supple Leopard”.
  13. WHAT YOU’LL GET It’s not possible to provide “one size fits all” exercise program or instruction video as some sellers promise.
  14. Heavy Elastic Booty Band by set of 5 with convenient Carrying Bag.
  15. I use them regularly for mobility exercises and intermittently during the beginning of a general prep phase for a high rep circuit of low resistance exercises.
  16. They’ve even come in handy during dynamic movements that require you to travel linearly (imagine a plyometric walking lunge or the like).
  17. A single band doesn’t work well as the resistance rises too quickly and you can’t advance very far.
  18. However if you link the bands in sequence (especially if you have more than one set), you get a few more yards of more consistent resistance.
  19. This is not an issue with the bands not functioning as expected, but rather an attempt on my part to not have to buy additional equipment for this purpose, showing the versatility of the band.
  20. Both orders were sent promptly and arrived within two days as advertised on Prime.
  21. I haven’t had it all that long, but thus far, it has held up really well & I have really put it through some strenuous sessions.

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