TREC vip NitroBolon II Orange

TREC vip NitroBolon II Orange 1
NITROBOLON is a patented formula that increases the production of nitric oxide (NO), which has an extremely strong anabolic effect.

As a result, blood circulation of the muscle tissue drastically increases during hard exercises, thanks to which it receives more necessary for intense energy transformations of nutrients and oxygen. NITROBOLON contains only the most effective ingredients enhancing the production of NO in the body, which in combination with esterified creatine increase tension and pump muscles. This translates into a spectacular increase in their strength, endurance and circumferences. DOSAGE.

A single portion of the preparation?

20 g (4 scoops)

dissolve in 300 ml of water, using a shaker. Depending on your needs, take 1-2 servings daily.

On workout days: 1st serving 30 min. before training, 2nd serving immediately after training.

On non-workout days: 1st serving 30 min. before the first meal, 2nd serving 30 min. before the main meal.

Brand: Trec


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