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Extreme Men`s Formula Tribulus Complex-is a powerful herbal composition directed specifically for men, for centuries regarded as aphrodisiacs that provide the body with energy that stimulates sexual activity.

These herbs also raise general strength and are helpful in building muscle mass, during periods of intense physical effort.

The herbal extracts contained in the preparation have a long tradition of consumption by the people of India and China, where they were used as substances supporting many physiological processes, helping to preserve men’s top physical shape.

Ingredients of the preparation were carefully selected and only raw materials went into production with the highest quality and the most active plant parts.┬áThe concentrations of individual herbs exceed the individual products on the market many times and the licenses for Extreme Men’s Formula Tribulus Complex are available only in New Nutria Life laboratory, which currently produces the above-mentioned preparation for Trec Nutrition.

Composition: (Active ingredients tablets-herb extracts-equivalent in dried form)
– Tribulus Terrestris fruit of the capsule -1000 mg
– Damiana damiana herb-300 mg
– Korean Ginseng root of Korean ginseng-250 mg
– Siberian Ginseng root of Siberian Ginseng-250 mg
– Saw Palmetto fruit of saw palmetto-125 mg
– Epilobium Parviflorum Epilobium parviflora-125 mg
– Smilax Officinalis doctor’s shrub-100 mg
– Muira Puama stem liriosma ovata-75 mg
– Ginkgobiloba leaves of the Japanese miliar (standardized extract)

– Cayenne cayenne pepper fruit-20 mg
Vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol-borate)
670% ZDS *

67 mg-Zinc in the form chelate with amino acid -75 mg

zinc content 100% ZDS * -15 mg

* -% of Implementation of Recommended Daily Intake

Nutritional value in 100g:

Protein 0 mg,

Carbohydrates 0 g,

Fat 0 g,

Energy value in 100g:

0kJ / 0kcal.

How to use:

Use one tablet an hour after meals

Brand: Trec


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