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[Power, Stamina and Vascularity!]

– Ultra-concentrated pre-training formula

– Powerful strength, durability and vascularisation

– Only the strongest components and effective doses
S.A.W. is an ultra-focused pre-workout formula for professionals.

The product shows a strong anabolic effect and helps to obtain hard and inflated muscles during exercise.

S.A.W. provides them with additional oxygenation, nutrition and impulse for growth. The unique complex of beta-alanine, caffeine and neurostimulators intensifies energy production, improves concentration and increases motivation for training.

The preparation may delay symptoms of fatigue and prevent excessive acidification of tissues.

S.A.W. helps build strength and muscle mass, and also improves efficiency during heavy physical exertions.
Do you want to improve your training results?

Wondering how to do it?

Have you tried everything and you still have not achieved satisfactory results?

Your training is like an unreliable fight with your own weaknesses?

Can not you concentrate and your muscles burn?

Every next move makes you literally "out of pain"?

You tried different pre-workout stacks, but did you ever wonder why they do not work like "they wrote in advertising"?

Hidden in the inside of a large, colorful powder can not help you build strength and extra pounds of muscle, as you hoped?

Mysterious mixture of exotic herbs and pseudo-innovative carbohydrates does not work and makes you feel strange and grow in fat?



If you are serious about the sport you do, you must think the same about supplementation. Professional workouts require the use of professional products! Regardless of whether you are a bodybuilder, fighter or strongman, your muscles need the same ingredients to continuously generate power and energy! Only proven and safe substances will help you achieve success in any sport discipline. Do not experiment on your body using complicated and not always safe combinations of little known and poorly tested ingredients. Leave the experience to scientists! Are you looking for a good pre-workout product?

Check how many active ingredients you have, because it will help you increase your effort! Not a square for unnecessary fillers and for "advanced" systems that transport creatine or amino acids, which in fact turn out to be a simple, simple sugar! Remember! This is the degree of product concentration and the right choice of active ingredients and their appropriate doses, and not the size of packaging translate into the final effect of supplementation!

You want your muscles to be bigger and stronger, and your moves faster, stronger and more precise?

Do you want to face your weaknesses and make the most of the potential in your body?

Try out S.A.W.

– the strongest pre-workout stack ever created in the TREC NUTRITION labs.

Sharpen your senses! Feel the amazing surge of energy and open up to a completely new training experience. From now on your brain will get absolute control over muscle work! Transfer your exercises to the highest level of intensity that you did not even think about before.

Exchange a regular workout for SUPER ANABOLIC WORKOUT!


S.A.W. it’s a formula for only tested, safe and effective active substances that will help you overcome the training stasis already after the first use. Extremely high concentration of active ingredients gives pre-workout supplementation a completely new dimension.

S.A.W. it is a pure essence of support-a product free from unnecessary sugars, additives and fillers.

An extremely high concentration (nearly 96% of the formula of the preparation are active substances)
and the highest quality raw materials make every 5 g measure of the preparation conceal a huge anabolic and ergogenic potential.

Synergistic acting components of the product drastically increase the body’s ability to work under heavy load. Thanks to not only you can train longer and more intensively, but also your effort will bring much better results.

Activating the main anabolic pathways of the formula will help you build high quality, hard-working muscles without the risk of fat burning.
SUPER Pump Vasodilators

Advanced matrix of extremely powerful nitric oxide booster ( NO)
, the effect of which has been repeatedly confirmed in scientific research. Appropriate doses of Alpha-Ketoglutarate and L-Arginine Lipid in combination with Jablczan Cytrulina quickly increase the synthesis of NO in the body.

To maximize the potential of these ingredients, ViNitrox ™ – a patented extract of apples and grapes was added to the product.

The natural vegetable polyphenols contained in it activate the enzyme that supervises the production of nitric oxide in the body.

Thanks to which its efficiency increases, more NO is created and its activity is prolonged.

The effect of this action is observed from the very beginning of the exercise, and full vascularization does not disappear and lasts much longer than other preparations.

Throughout the training, the muscles are better supplied with blood and constantly receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen.
ANABOLIC Energy Maximizer

This is a special formulation recipe that maximizes energy production during long and hard exercises.

A high dose of Beta-Alanine counteracts premature fatigue and reduces the rate of acidification. The carnosine formed from it acts as a natural buffer, which helps to maintain the metabolic conditions optimal for intensive work.

As a result, the perinatal muscle acuity decreases, and intense muscular contractions cease to be accompanied by a "baking" sensation.

The energy matrix has also been supplemented with well-tested active neurostimulators.

These ingredients stimulate the nervous system and increase concentration, which allows you to get full brain control over muscle work. Taurine and L-Tyrosine are precursors of neurotransmitters, which accelerate the course of nerve impulses and delay the feeling of fatigue. Caffeine intensifies the metabolism and improves the operation of the Central Nervous System. It stimulates the body to work intensively and additionally increases the energy production, and naringenine helps to maintain this effect for a long time.
WORKOUT Creatine Surge

During severe exercises there is a rapid increase in the metabolic rate in the muscle cells.  In order to be able to produce and transport the necessary energy for muscle contractions, you need huge amounts of ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
. Creatine is necessary to regenerate the resources of this basic cell fuel.

S.A.W. contains an effective formula of synergistically acting forms of creatine-monohydrate, malate and ethyl ester.

The combination of three different forms of this substance optimizes its transport and absorption. Meat is better saturated creatine, and ATP stores are faster regenerated. In this way, the strength and speed of their shrinkage improves, which directly allows you to increase the level of training load.

S.A.W. is a universal product recommended for professional athletes, especially during periods of particularly high intensity of exercise or training stagnation.

S.A.W. is a powerful and effective preparation, which extraordinary energy effect can be felt from the first use. Regular supplementation leads to an increase in pure muscle mass and significant improvement in performance, especially in disciplines that require a high level of strength and strength.

The product is recommended for use before training bodybuilders, fighters, weightlifters, tricycles and other power athletes.
WAY TO USE: Depending on the demand and sensitivity to the action of the product dissolve 5-15 g (1-3 measures) )
in 200 ml of water using a shaker.

The product should be used for 30 minutes. before planned training. It is recommended to determine the tolerance to the preparation in advance. Its use should start with 5 g (1 scoop)
, if necessary, increase the consumption to 10 g (2 scoops)
, and then to 15 g (3 scoops)
. Do not exceed 15 g of the product (3 scoops)
per day! Avoid combining with other products containing caffeine! Warning! The product has a strong stimulant effect, do not use before bedtime!


ADDITIONAL FILLINGS: malic acid, citric acid-acidity regulators; silicon dioxide-anti-caking agent; sodium saccharinate, sodium cyclamate-sweeteners; azorubine-a dye.

Aromas: cherry aroma, grapefruit aroma.

Brand: Trec


Trec Nutrition S.A.W. Powder 200g Power, Stamina and Vascularity! – Super Anabolic Workout – Saw Free P&P

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  1. Creatine Free, Naturally Sweetened & Flavored, Safe & Healthy.
  2. Clinically Proven 100% Digestibility in < 15 Min.

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Trec Nutrition S.A.W pre-workout Stack Best Formula (120 Capsules) by Trec Nutrition

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