TREC ml shot super

– Ultra-concentrated pre-training formula

– Powerful strength, durability and vascularization

– Only the strongest components and effective doses

S.A.W. is an ultra-focused pre-workout formula for professionals.

The product shows a strong anabolic effect and drastically increases the volume of working muscles.

S.A.W. provides them with additional oxygenation, nutrition and impulse for growth.

The unique Beta-Alanine complex and active neurostimulators improve endurance and concentration and increase the body’s energy resources.┬áThe preparation prevents premature fatigue and excessive acidification of tissues.

S.A.W. supports the building of strength and muscle mass, as well as improves efficiency during heavy physical exertions.

Do you want to improve your training results?

Wondering how to do it?

Have you tried everything and you still have not achieved satisfactory results?

Your training is like an unreliable fight with your own weaknesses?

Can not you concentrate and your muscles burn?

Every next move makes you literally "out of pain"?

You tried different pre-workout stacks, but did you ever wonder why they do not work like "they wrote in advertising"?

Hidden in the inside of a large, colorful powder can not help you build strength and extra pounds of muscle, as you hoped?

Mysterious mixture of exotic herbs and pseudo-innovative carbohydrates does not work and makes you feel strange and grow in fat?



If you’re serious about the sport you’re doing, you have to think the same about supplementation. Professional workouts require the use of professional products! Regardless of whether you are a bodybuilder, fighter or strongman, your muscles need the same ingredients to continuously generate energy and power! Only proven and safe substances will help you achieve success in any sport discipline. Do not experiment on your body using complicated and not always safe combinations of little known and poorly tested ingredients.┬áLeave the experience to scientists!

Brand: Trec


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