butyl trekking Zamberlan Vioz gt dark gray
Trekking shoes with the quintessential mountain adventure-ensure you have an unforgettable experience during a mountain climbing with a full backpack.

Shoes Zamberlan Vioz protects you from surprises prepared by mountain weather.

They have been designed for advanced and demanding users-it is ideal for trekking in the upper parts of the mountain, even if you are traveling with a full backpack. The upper part of the shoe has been made of the highest quality natural faced leather with a thickness of 2.6 mm, which was additionally impregnated to obtain the best durability and water resistance.

The Gore-Tex membrane used is an excellent barrier to water, allowing the feet to breathe freely. Lining made of MICROTEX material allows free air circulation around the foot, maintaining an optimal microclimate inside.

There are thermoplastic elements in the area of ​​the fingers and heels, thanks to which the shoes keep their shape throughout the entire period of use. The inner insert is anatomically formed which increases the comfort of use.

The upper layer is covered with fast-drying material, while the small pores allow quick wicking of moisture.

The Zamberlan®® Vibram® 3D sole provides excellent ground feel, excellent grip and increased wear resistance.

The used ZSC vibration damping system works great in difficult terrain, even with very heavy luggage carried on the back. If you are looking for the highest quality trekking shoes with excellent parameters in protection against the element and a great look, the Zamberlan Vioz GT is the perfect choice. inject_orbitvu (996-vioz29355704, orbitvu12 / orbitvuer12.swf, orbitvu12 / expressInstall.swf, {ovus_folder: 360/996-vioz /, width: 500, height: 440})


Brand: Zamberlan


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