truck to skateboard white SMJ art
SMJ skateboard truck in white.

The set contains two pieces.

The kit includes four nuts.


– Width: 60 mm

– Hardness of underlays: 98 A

Brand: Nieznany

Skateboard Truck Rebuild Kit Bushings Washers Pivot Cups For 2 Trucks

skateboard truck rebuild kit bushings washers pivot cups for trucks

  1. I was experiencing a lot of wobble when I went down hills even with some hard name brand bushings I purchased so I needed something a lot more stiff so I decided to give these a try and I am super satisfied.
  2. I now have little to no wobble going down hills at fast speed which makes me feel a whole lot better so I don’t bust my face haha.
  3. If you’re looking for little to no movement for your ride I recommend these!<
  4. My niece had a relatively cheap board from Target which would not turn due to its extremely stiff bushings.
  5. After replacing them with these rebuild bushings, the board turns great.
  6. My only complaint is that these bushings did nothing in terms of getting her to wear her helmet.
  7. Nice kid, but jeez do you really think you are always right?
  8. Do you think I might have a little more experience than you?
  9. She tried to ride it and the rotted bushings crumbled and fell out.
  10. The pivot bushings were a bit too big for my odd trucks but that is probably just a me thing, and I made it work.
  11. The trucks are 1988 hi-tech trucks off an old Vision board, if that tells you anything.
  12. Saved me a bundle peacing a kit together showed up in 2 days kid was back on the board that weekend.
  13. Didn’t fix my board, though, turns out I need new trucks.
  14. Easy to install and my classic longboard is rolling again.
  15. I only weigh145 pounds and if you don’t land flat on all 4 wheels they will squeeze out the side of the washer and get stuck.

Buy Skateboard Truck Rebuild Kit Bushings Washers Pivot Cups For 2 Trucks here $6.95

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