universal mount bike maclean flex mc bl black

universal mount bike maclean flex mc bl black 1
The universal bicycle holder provides secure and stable hold on even the largest potholes.

The handle is universal suitable for most types of devices-from nok 3310 to top smartphones with touch screens up to 6″! Thanks to the handle, you can mount not only a phone, but also a bottle, flashlight or other object needed for a bike ride.

A handful can stay on the steering wheel without a phone! Made of high quality material that always returns to its original state. Main features:

– Suitable for every steering wheel (from thin tubes from sharp circle to oversize)

– The painted structure not only looks good but also greatly absorbs shocks and vibrations (tested in the field)

– For installation you do not need any tools or adapters and adapters

– Do you often change smartphones (private, business)

Perfectly-the handle can have the same

– Do you have several bikes?

Swing the handle from the steering wheel to the steering wheel in a short time

– It guarantees very convenient operation of touch screens.

– You can mount your phone in an additional case and protective glass!



Suitable for-Smartphones up to 6″


Brand: Maclean


Bike Mount, Ipow Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder Cradle for iPhone 6 6(+) 6S 6S plus 5S 5C, Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 Note 3/4/5,Nexus,HTC,LG,BlackBerry,Black

bike mount ipow universal cell phone bicycle rack handlebar amp motorcycle holde

  1. The silicone net is extremely strong and durable, it will stretch up to 10 times itself.
  2. Three section type clamping design can clamp the bicycle size with different diameters.
  3. Isolation type design, can be combined with the use of mobile phone and waterproof box.
  4. Easy to install and take it out, when you find the position you like, you can tighten it to lock it in place.
  5. If you have a nice phone with GPS, music, etc., then this is a good way to make your phone an essential part of your vehicle.
  6. Detachable and portable, this device can be detachable, so it can be easily incorporated.
  7. Suitable for mobile phone/PDS/GPS/MP to fit on the bicycle.
  8. About IPOW: We created IPOW with a single goal: Make the smart life easier.
  9. That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with a commitment to 100% user satisfaction.
  10. I rode with my phone on the mount for over 4 hours over potholes and speedbumps and at highway speeds in excess of 70mph.
  11. Mind you I don’t have a windscreen and was particularly worried about the wind drag stripping the phone from its mount.
  12. Only thing is that I can concur with other reviews that you have to fiddle with the webbing so it doesn’t depress the volume buttons – but this is a mild annoyance at worst.
  13. I’m considering if I should buy one of these for my ezpass tag next.
  14. Whether it’s getting steps to hatch an incubating eggs, travel to poke stops or track down a specific pokemon; the mount works very well.
  15. There’s also a rubber band that attaches to the corners for added grip.
  16. Make sure you twist the manual locking mechanism after attaching it to the ball joint so there’s no turbulence while riding

    When you hit speed bumps on the ground, the mount may change the angle slightly depending on what your bike rolled over, so you have to manually adjust the angle after impact.

  17. Your phone does stay on the bar though so no issues on it falling off your bike as it has a secure foundation.
  18. While casually riding it won’t vibrate as it’s very stable and easy to view (until you hit that big bump)

    Overall very impressed with the bike mount.

  19. It’s the exact same thing except the brand name on the device is different, and the Ipow version has an extra interchangeable band (you get a red and black band instead of only red in the Liger branded one).
  20. So up to you if you want to pay a couple of extra bucks for a bonus band.
  21. I took it on a mountain bike ride, and it tilted to the side.
  22. I bought this because on some rides I need to look at a trail map so I don’t get lost.
  23. This mounts’ instability will make it difficult to watch.
  24. I really don’t feel this would stay any more stable during a road bike ride.
  25. A day after my 2 star review posted, the seller contacted me and said I probably had a defective item.
  26. I had already submitted my return but they offered me a free replacement, and refund if I didn’t have one yet.
  27. They were very helpful, and great customer service goes a long ways.
  28. Therefore, I did bump my review by 2 stars, just because of the customer service, which goes so far!
  29. I highly recommend this phone mount based on reviews and the seller.
  30. The clamp comes with rubber inserts, or shims, that allow you to tighten the holder to the handlebar.
  31. Even with two, the handlebar circumference is not quite enough to tighten all the way, so the holder eventually falls forward or backward after a little riding.
  32. Now I’m looking for a better shim but the size and design makes it tricky.
  33. Positioning the shims themselves is an awkward process at best.
  34. As for the part that secures the phone, I was never worried that the phone might fall out.
  35. The rubber is strong and flexible and seems completely reliable.
  36. But the whole purpose is defeated by the inability to tighten to the handlebar.
  37. They should provide at least one additional rubber shim, and really, just design the mount better.
  38. UPDATE – the seller has offered to send me an upgraded version.
  39. It holds the phone nice and tight, and I never once questioned if it would drop my phone.
  40. You can theoretically just use the plastic clip, but if you pull the webbing around the phone it will keep it in a lot better.
  41. I had a Samsung S3, Note 4, and now a Note 5 that goes into mine every single day, and those are some of the largest phones on the market.
  42. The only issue is that with some samsung models, the volume or power button lines up with where the webbing comes across on the phone, so you sometimes may have to pull it away so it doesn’t shut your phone off while you’re riding.
  43. Overall works well, and will buy again if it breaks for any reason.
  44. Sure its not expensive and you shouldn’t expect great quality.

Buy Bike Mount, Ipow Universal Cell Phone Bicycle Rack Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder Cradle for iPhone 6 6(+) 6S 6S plus 5S 5C, Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 Note 3/4/5,Nexus,HTC,LG,BlackBerry,Black here

TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder, Universal Cradle Clamp for iOS Android Smartphone, Boating GPS, Other Devices, with One-button Released, 360 Degrees Rotatable, Rubber Strap

taotronics bike phone mount bicycle holder universal cradle clamp for ios androi

  1. I have it attached to my Trek 7100 touring bike and it is solid as a rock.
  2. I like the ratcheted holding bars on each side which give a snug fit.
  3. The clincher (pun intended) is the rubber hold-downs which make it almost impossible for the phone to dislodge.
  4. I attached it to my handlebar, on the right where it is very visible when cycling, and the firm hold allows for accessing and selecting screen entries/apps on the phone without worrying about phone movement when touched.
  5. The only thing I need to watch for is when I stop my waist can brush against the phone, but again that is not critical since it is firmly attached.
  6. I have also come across questions as to whether the unit can attach to the handlebar stem rather than the handlebars themselves.
  7. My Trek has a somewhat flattened stem and when I clamped the unt to the stem it seemed like the clamp was wide enough to attach to the stem.
  8. But I preferred using the handlebars so it was a moot point for me.
  9. The following is in all CAPS, not because I am upset but because it is a critical point.
  11. If you don’t you will never be able to separate the two pieces, meaning you will not be able to slide the phone holder off the clamp to carry it with you.
  12. You can still attach the rubber tie downs to secure the phone to the unit but you lose the nice feature of taking phone and holder with you when off the bike.
  13. I did not take off any stars for this because it was my screw up and the vendor was prompt and helpful when I asked whether there is a way to separate the two pieces.
  14. The tie downs however can be attached over the clamp side so all is not lost.
  15. Plus the mount couldn’t be simpler to install, couldn’t do a better job at what it claims to do, and would still be cheap at twice the price.
  16. Don’t over-think this one: if you’re interested enough to be reading this review, you should probably just buy this product.
  17. The extra stretchy pieces that secure the phone on all four corners is a really nice touch and makes this mount rock solid.
  18. I have dealt with previous mounts being good for one phone model but not the other.
  19. Both phones had very different physical parameters yet were both held solid.
  20. The mount was easy to install after reading the directions included.
  21. Dimensions of the mount can be seen in the photos I have uploaded.
  22. You can also see the mount with a samsung s5 mounted in it.
  23. Be aware of your riding environment when mounting a phone to your bike.
  24. Prior to buying the phone mount holder I placed my phone in a bum bag, when riding my road bike.
  25. The Taotronics phone mount holder has enabled me to change all this.
  26. Now my phone is mounted on my handle bars in front of me.
  27. Also, it is easier to listen to the feedback on my riding performance during my ride, from the downloaded app on my phone.
  28. The recommendation from the seller, to use the rubber strap before you put the holder part and the clamp together on the handle bars, was taken heed of.
  29. I recommend both the Taotronics Phone Mount Holder and seller Sunvalleytek.
  30. I’ve only gone on 3 bicycle rides with it and it has performed wonderfully.
  31. I have a Nexus 6 with a Rinkemax case and it does fit this mount.
  32. My phone has stayed on through some bumpy bits of trail and the occasional bunny hop on my cyclocross bike which does not have shocks.
  33. I appreciate the warranty as well and I got card with mine for an additional 6 months.
  34. Side note: I forgot to bring lights for a night rise and I was able to use my phone’s flashlight with this mount to give me some light for the trail and to make myself known to traffic.
  35. Maybe I was getting too anxious and saw the nut on the other end and tried to tighten it with the nut, but don’t do that.
  36. The double holding by both the orange bands and the arms on the sides makes it quite capable – at least on paved roads.
  37. Phone fits well and will now use Strava and move Cateye wireless computer to my fitness bike.

Buy TaoTronics Bike Phone Mount Bicycle Holder, Universal Cradle Clamp for iOS Android Smartphone, Boating GPS, Other Devices, with One-button Released, 360 Degrees Rotatable, Rubber Strap here $12.80

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