adapter Universal media tech mt

adapter Universal media tech mt 1
Universal variable-voltage power supply for netbooks, with exchangeable terminals, whose parameters enable cooperation with most of this type of computers available on the market.

The device has been equipped with a voltage switch protection, which increases the security of your laptop. 80W NETBOOK UNIVERSAL POWER ADAPTER MT6269 for small dimensions and low weight eliminates the need to carry additional batteries.


– Voltage-universal universal power supply for netbooks 80W

– 7 napiec: 12/15/16/18/19/20 / 24V

– USB-5V for charging mobile devices (smartphone, tablet)

– Power max: 3.75A, 80W

– Overload and short-circuit protection

– Input voltage: 100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz

– 8 durable and variable power plugs

– For 1000 models of laptops and netbooks, e.g. Lenovo, Compaq / HP,

– Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, NEC and many more.

– Dimensions: 116x51x36mm

– Weight: 231g

Brand: media-tech

media tech

Kids Headphones COWIN Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Bluetooth Hat Combined with Removable Headset Hands Free Talking-Red

kids headphones cowin bluetooth headphone wireless bluetooth hat combined with r

  1. LOUD & HD MUSIC EXPERIENCE – Enjoy enhanced music listening experience with advanced digital sound, balanced deep bass, dynamic mid-range, & crystal clear high note while staying warm, delivered by high performance stereo loudspeaker driver.
  2. ONE SIZE FIT ALL & UNIVERSAL WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY – Stretchable high quality knit material to fit all sizes and shapes.
  3. You can get 18 month warranty and life friendly customer service.
  4. Built-in microphone let you pick up calls directly and hands free talking

    2) Combined with excellent sound quality stereo speakers;

    3) The headphones are removable, convenient for beanie washing;

    4) One size beanie fit most heads.

  5. Left the reindeer on for Xmas, popped it off very easily with a couple snips after the holidays, and now I am just a Viking with questionable colour sense.
  6. Actual bluetooth phones are pretty good, a little bulkier than some of the newer grown-up options, but connects with my Galaxy S7 no issues and does calls just fine.
  7. Scares the heck out of my cats, they do not understand the horns at all.
  8. We bought 3 of these for our 3 little boys and it was so convenient not having any wirings as they play and watch movie on their tablets in the plane.
  9. Bought 2 for both my girls and they love wearing them and listening to music on there tabs.
  10. Was super surprised at how low the cost was for how well made they are.
  11. It can get pretty loud and he loves that its a hat with bluetooth no wires to mess with and can use the music from your phone.
  12. So I say pluses all around she did get it for Christmas so she’s had it for almost 4 months and its holding up good no rips and still works.
  13. Clear quality.I like the materials the hat is made of and the color is a spot-on match with the picture shown.
  14. I live in Minnesota and wanted to wear a warm hat when outdoors but still be able to answer my cell phone.
  15. I wish the sound would be louder when I am listening to a book or my music.

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Pyle PLMR19W Stereo Radio Headunit Receiver, Aux (3.5mm) MP3 Input, USB Flash & SD Card Readers, Remote Control, Weatherband, Single DIN (White)

pyle plmr stereo radio headunit receiver aux mp input usb flash amp card readers

  1. The single DIN universal standard comes loaded with features like AM/FM radio with 30 presets, USB flash drive reader, SD memory card reader and Aux (3.5mm) input connector jack.
  2. You’ll have the ability to connect and stream audio from all of your favorite devices (smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, etc.).
  3. Digital audio file support allows you to stream your MP3 files — while you have quick access to the front panel control center and digital LCD display screen.
  4. Control it all with the included wireless remote control.
  5. Add convenient and versatile audio playback ability with the Pyle PLMR19W stereo radio headunit receiver system.
  6. It’s got an AM/FM radio to listen to music the traditional way — or step into the 21st century with USB and SD cards.
  7. Simply load your MP3s onto a USB stick or SD card, and listen to your favorite music at sea.
  8. For security and protection, detach the faceplate and store it in the included case.
  9. There’s no need to burn a ton of CDs with all your music or rely on the radio — just bring your player and your favorite playlists!
  10. Or, use a music-playing app on your smartphone, like Pandora or Spotify.
  11. Fully Equipped with Power and Wireless Remote This head unit is rated at 4 x 50 watts, so each speaker has plenty of independent power.
  12. And it comes with everything you’ve come to expect from a modern head unit, including loudness/EQ settings and a 30 radio station memory.
  13. The LCD screen is backlit in a cool, modern blue, and shows relevant track info.
  14. A wireless remote control means you can change tracks without having to get up.
  15. Always Be In The Know With Weatherband The PLMR19W’s radio unit is equipped with weatherband, so you’ll always know what’s coming out there on the sea.
  16. Get Your Sound How You Want It Now you can tweak the sound to your exact specifications using the PLMR19W’s built-in equalizer controls.
  17. With the ability to adjust the bass, treble, fader, and balance to your liking, you’ll get your sound how you want it.
  18. Easy to Mount & Install The PLMR19W is easy to install.
  19. Included with your kit are installation instructions, mounting brackets & hardware, plus wires.
  20. And I thought “be reasonable”, don’t go crazy with a super-fancy boat sound system.
  21. Super-cool if your wife is a worrier (which mine might be).
  22. Lots of buttons, full control over the speakers, plus can tune the sound with an equalizer.
  23. Supports 4 speaker outputs and provides 4×50 (200Watts I think) output.
  24. Plus you can cable-connect (headphone jack) your favorite device (iphone/android/etc).
  25. Unit came with instructions, all the wiring was labeled, and it dropped right in to replace the old antiquated system.
  26. Literally dropped it in, connected it to my (brand new) Kicker waterproof speakers (also from AMZ) and had it cranked up and rocking in less than 2 hours.
  27. And that includes iced tea breaks with 100-degree South Texas weather.)

    I am happily/unexpectedly surprised.

  28. Kudos to the folks at Pyle for a great little radio with a ton of features.
  29. Interfacing could be a little easier, remote works reasonably well.
  30. Overall, achieved the goal of getting rid of a standard CD player and moved our old boat into the 21st century.
  31. USB feature is easy to play, once you figure out how to change it over, although I can’t figure out the order in which the folders play.
  32. This unit does not have bluetooth (which I was aware of), but the 3mm headphone jack should work fine without draining my phone battery when that’s our input.
  33. Didn’t want to spend a lot on another unit to have the same thing happen.
  34. Have had it on our boat for a couple of months now, and works fine.
  35. Does not have the exact same quality power output as the Sony, but a nice unit for the price.
  36. If you’re looking for something inexpensive for recreational use with nice features this one is for you.
  37. I’m satisfied with my purchase, and don’t have any complaints.
  38. There are several websites that state that this is a CD-R player.
  39. I can assure you that there is NO CD player on this unit.
  40. I also found one owners manual that stated how to remove the detachable face.
  41. The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the box is that it is extremely light.
  42. I’m thinking cheaply made) it may be however that it just doesn’t have a cd player in there to weigh it down i don’t know.
  43. After a couple days of use, I have decided that it is pretty cheaply made, the volume knob is grinding and i can feel considerable resistance on parts of the rotation.
  44. Another downside I’ve found is that I can’t search tracks or directories in USB mode like I thought I was going to be able to do.
  45. So now I’ve got like 600 songs on a flash drive plugged into it and the only thing I can do is skip ahead by 1 track or skip ahead by 10 tracks at a time.
  46. It does list what the song title is and the directory that it’s in but I can’t search through the directories at all.
  47. There are a couple different owners manuals for this thing.
  48. One is on pyles website, but it’s different than the one that came with my unit.
  49. The one on plyles websites gives detailed intructions on how to search through directories, (which doesn’t work) and on my manual there is no indication of how to do so.
  50. But when i press the button to search for tracks i do get a “trk srch” display, but when i turn the volume knob to actually search through them (as per pyles website) the only thing that happens is the volume goes up 🙂
    It seems to be a decent unit for the price.
  51. I haven’t plugged an sd card in there yet so i can’t comment on that function.
  52. I purchased this unit mainly for the “marine” aspect of it because it’s going in my jeep wrangler that often sees some stray water inside of the vehicle.
  53. I now have under 200 songs on the USB stick and it’s working great as long as you don’t use the ‘RANDOM’ track selection, just listen to them one after another.
  54. I use a program called ‘Bulk Rename Utility’ to randomly sort the music and add a number to the front of the title to get random play in linear order (if that makes since, basically renaming all the music filenames automatically).
  55. Also it does have a clock but there is no info on how to set it, I found in a manual for another Pyle model that you press and hold the DISP button and then you can set hour, then minute.
  56. I would send it back if it wasn’t so much trouble to take it out.
  57. I am going to try a signal booster to see if that helps.

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