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Advanced mirroring technology is fashion and functionality at the same time.

The coating, consisting of 18 layers, is not only a fashionable look, but also a total protection against infrared radiation.

Harmful infrared rays are effectively reflected and do not create an eye hazard.


Uncompromised eye protection! The filter contained in the pane protects the human eye from harmful UV rays and blue light. UV protection is also included in the frames.


Gradient contained in the pane protects against sun rays from the sun, while ensuring natural visibility

in the lower part.

Brand: Uvex


Uvex Sportstyle 802 Variomatic Sunglasses – Men’s

uvex sportstyle variomatic sunglasses men s

  1. Photochromic lenses automatically adapt to all light conditions.
  2. Scratchproof outer lens, fog-free inner lens That is supravision by Uvex.

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Uvex Big 40 VFM Ski Goggle

uvex big vfm ski goggle

  1. The frameless design of the oversize-powder-goggle expands your field of vision to 186 and ensures that powder slides off the goggles easily.
  2. The uvex big 40 is available as the pure full mirror (FM) model or as the VFM model with variomatic coating, in order to ensure perfect vision with changing light conditions in steep couloirs or on wooded slopes.
  3. It automatically shades the fully mirrored glass between the protective levels S1 (light shading) and S3 (very dark shading), depending on the light intensity.
  4. Of course all models provide 100% protection against harmful UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.
  5. The tried and tested supravision coating reliably keeps the spherical glass from fogging up in all weather conditions and ensures that your line of vision remains clear at all times.
  6. Preformed goggle pads that adapt to the contours of your face and silicone prints along the goggle strap ensure that the goggle is securely attached to the helmet so that nothing stands between you and the next deep powder turn.

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