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Universal sports glasses for every user.

The simple, ergonomic design of the frame and the large surface of the lens cause that the Flash glasses offer their users maximum visibility while maintaining 100% eye protection.

Glasses are universal, they can be used by people riding a bike, roller skating, running. Main advantages:

– They provide 100% protection for UVA, UVB, UVC

– Soft endings of the temples

– Ergonomic frames are made of a special construction that ensures a good fit of the goggles to the athlete’s face.

– A large color choice

The advanced mirroring technology is fashion and functionality at the same time.

The coating, consisting of 18 layers, is not only a fashionable look, but also a total protection against infrared radiation.

Harmful infrared rays are effectively reflected and do not create a threat to the eye. It guarantees perfect visibility without distortions, with each shape of the frame, even the most bent.

All glass panes are made of the highest quality materials. Uncompromised eye protection! The filter contained in the pane protects the human eye from harmful UV rays and blue light. UV protection is also included in the frames.


Available models:

– 53/0/279/2210 black (black)

from a pane of smoke [S3] with light transmittance 8-18%

– 53/0/279/2212 black (black)

from orange pane [S1] with light transmittance 43-80%

– 53/0/279/2216 black (black)

from the pane [S0] with light transmittance 80-100%

– 53/0/279/2219 black (black)

with yellow pane [S1] with light transmittance 43-80%

Brand: Uvex


Uvex Snap Polarized Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses – 532000

uvex snap polarized interchangeable lens sunglasses

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