glasses uvex sgl
Sporty and functional appearance.

Two different materials used in the spectacle frame give an interesting look to the sgl 201 glasses.

A special coating has been treated which allows effective prevention of fogging of the glasses, making the sgl 201 glasses provide ideal visibility.

The advanced mirroring technology is fashion and functionality at the same time.

The coating, consisting of 18 layers, is not only a fashionable look, but also a total protection against infrared radiation.

Harmful infrared rays are effectively reflected and do not create a threat to the eye. Uncompromised eye protection! The filter contained in the pane protects the human eye from harmful UV rays and blue light. UV protection is also included in the frames. Regardless of the type of dirt, sweat, drops of water or dust, Uvex glasses are exceptionally easy and quick to clean. It guarantees a clear picture all the time, even in extreme conditions.



Brand: Uvex


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