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Sport glasses with a large lens surface.

Thanks to the large surface of the lenses, the Sportstyle 204 offers users not only the maximum field of view, but also the maximum protection of the eyes from strong sunlight.

Thanks to their light appearance, they also become a fashionable addition. Main advantages:

– They provide 100% protection for UVA, UVB, UVC

– Soft endings of the temples

– A wide range of colors

Uncompromised eye protection! The filter contained in the pane protects the human eye from harmful UV rays and blue light. UV protection is also included in the frames.


Available models:

– 53/0/525/2110 smoke (gray)

from smoke pane [S3] with light transmittance 8-18%

– 53/0/525/3112 orange (orange)

with orange pane [S1] with light transmittance 43-80%

– 53/0/525/4416 blue (blue)

with mirror blue glass [S3] with light transmittance 8-18%

– 53/0/525/6113 brown (brown)

with brown pane [S3] with light transmittance 8-18%

– 53/0/525/7717 yellow (yellow)

with pane yellow [S0] with light transmittance 80-100%

– 53/0/525/9118 clear (transparent)

with clear pane [S0] with light transmittance 80-100%

Brand: Uvex


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