vest backpack INOV race elite vest black
Weight: 210 g Cheaper version of the new Race Elite Vest! It offers the same functions, differing in the material it is made of, there is no regulation of the height of the chest straps and there is no attached beech. If you do not need the whole backpack-this vest can be a very good solution. Made of lightweight material, making it fully breathable. It has 6 adjustable straps, so you can fit the body well.

A place for a buckthorn. It allows you to transfer 3 liters of liquids, 2 liters in a balker and half a liter in each bottle (this also allows you to manage well what liquids you want to have with you).
Pockets on the chest allow you to take a few items with you.

A whistle is placed in the clutch.

The vest will work well during ultra gears. iframe width = "560" height = "315" src = "" frameborder = "0" allowfullscreen / iframe Size: for people with chest deference from 78 to 112cm.

Two 500 ml bottles in a set!

Brand: inov-8

inov 8

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