Besto vest jacket re kg

Besto vest jacket re kg 1
The extremely popular Econ 100 life jacket, filled with PE foam in the chest area, the front part designed as a single part.

This provides security and makes it easy to turn the sinker on his back. Children’s sizes equipped with braces.

The vests have signaling whistles and reflective elements.

Brand: Besto


Stohlquist 4-Foot Re-Traxt Tow-Tether Rescue Device

stohlquist foot traxt tow tether rescue device

  1. Long enough to tow without getting in the way, short enough to not be in the way when paddling.

Buy Stohlquist 4-Foot Re-Traxt Tow-Tether Rescue Device here $43.85

Storm World’s Loudest Outdoor, Emergency, Safety, Marine, Police, Underwater, & Survival Whistle | 3pk Bundle + Koala Lanyards

storm world loudest outdoor emergency safety marine police underwater amp surviv

  1. If you’re not 100% satisfied, contact us for a full refund.
  2. Koala Lifestyle assembles our lifestyle bundles to ensure customers receive only the best of the best products at a killer value.
  3. This bundle is composed of 100% authentic All-Weather Storm Whistle products (purchased directly from All-Weather Safety Whistles) and our own awesome Koala Lifestyle Safety Lanyard with Quick Detach Buckle.
  4. The Storm and Windstorm personal safety whistles are manufacutred by the All Weather Whistle Company, makers of the world’s loudest whistles.
  5. Constructed of high-impact thermoplastick, either whistle can be heard clearly above noisy crowds, howling wind and virtually any competing sound.
  6. The Storm and Windstorm safety whistles blast our a sound that draws immediate attention.
  7. The Storm and Windstorm whistles operate in any environment, wet or dry.
  8. Each whistle performs powerfully both above and below water.
  9. Due to their patented water purging design, these all-weather whistles are ideal for activities such as diving, boating, camping, hunting, hiking, or sporting events.
  10. The Storm and Windstorm whistles can be heard underwater for distances in excess of 50 feet and on the surface for over half a mile.
  11. We compared the loudness of the Storm whistle, Windstorm whistle and a number of our competitors’ whistles.
  12. The Storm whistle was nearly twice as loud as any other whistle.
  13. The Windstorm whistle was not quite as loud as the Storm, but was clearly louder than any of the competitors.
  14. Below, a graph illustrates the loudness of the All-Weather whistles vs.
  15. Used by these groups as a personal alarm where an extremely loud alarm is necessary:

    Special Forces Fort Bragg, North Carolina


  16. All Weather Safety prides itself in producing a product so great that it saves lives every day.
  17. Trusted by various US Government Agencies and Military units, All Weather is doing its part to protect our country.
  18. As a WBE Certified Women Owned Business, All Weather Safety is also making a difference in the workplace.
  19. About Koala Lifestyle

    Koala Lifestyle is a family owned business.

  20. We believe in making a positive impact on our customers’ lives and our country’s future.
  21. For both of these reasons, we strive to create and sell top of the line American Made products.
  22. Bonus Info About our Koala Safety Lanyard

    Not all lanyards are created equal.

  23. Koala Lifestyle specially designed our lanyard to be comfortable, lightweight, safe, convenient, and versatile.
  24. You’ll love its obvious quality the moment you hold it in your hands.
  25. The color is a dark steel turquoise with silver writing which is subtle but has just a little pop.
  26. Its lightweight, tubular polyester construction is comfortable and will not get tangled.
  27. Its stainless lobster clip is connected by a quick detach black plastic buckle for added safety.
  28. Its stainless lobster clip allows you to remove your keys, ID badge, or whatever else you’re carrying with the flick of a thumb.
  29. For what I want, it has to be easy to blow (a kid or an injury adult could do it) and it has to be really loud.
  30. I compared most of the ones that claim to be the loudest on hearth and there were two of them that were the best.
  31. The storm has a distinctive sound because of the “pea” and sounds laud enough even if a kid blow into it.
  32. BTW I got two of the “ACME TORNADO 2000” because I though this was gonna be the winner …
  33. When my Storm Whistles arrived I figured how loud can it be, so having a lot of lung power I took a deep breath and gave it my all.
  34. I was stopped short because my ears actually hurt from the loud shrill of this whistle.
  35. Saying this whistle is loud is an understatement; it is definitely not a toy and could get attention when a voice or a scream might not be heard.
  36. I purchased these whistles because my wife’s voice has become very frail, so much so I doubt her ability to attract attention in an emergency situation.
  37. Being a long time firearms instructor and with both of us having carry permits, I realize there can be a number of situations where getting attention or calling for help may be all that is needed.
  38. However, as good as these whistles are, and I recommend them, I would not be comfortable with just a whistle as my only defense.
  39. The package of three plastic whistles appear to be well made and durable.
  40. I consider these as another tool in case of an emergency.
  41. I’ve tried the little aluminum ones, the cheap molded plastic ones, the pealess ones, and they all fell short.
  42. They cannot be overblown, and the sound is akin to an air horn blast if you will.
  43. Other whistles had a “strained”, “overtaxed” or “winded” note whereas these are piercingly loud with a strong & powerful blast that will be heard and get attention.
  44. They love to go kayaking so I got these to attach to their life jackets.
  45. After teaching them the importance of not blowing it unless it’s an actual emergency or they needed my help.
  46. I let them practice one time each while in the house and oh my are these loud!
  47. In a good way) They are now securely attached to their PFD’s so they are always near by ready to go while on the water.
  48. Will continue to work with the kids so they fully understand when it is appropriate to blow the whistle.
  49. But with constant reminders and practice they understand and have done well so far.
  50. Even though I do my best to make sure all three are always in my (or my wife’s) line of sight, when on or around water you can never be too safe and have enough of the right kind of safety equipment.
  51. I read other people’s review and know not to blow it indoors.
  52. I blew on it without my lips touching it, and it already made a loud noise, pretty impressive!
  53. Perfect for wearing around your neck when you go walk the dog, going home late, etc., anytime you want a little security device to alert others.
  54. I haven’t tried it underwater, but it sure sounds cool that I can do that.
  55. Give one to each child and teach them how to use it and not to blow it all of the time.
  56. Make sure they have one when they go outside and blow it if someone tries to grab them.
  57. OK, they are louder than other whistles I have by an order of magnitude.
  58. If the mountain lion returns, I’ll try the whistle on the large feline.
  59. Hopefully I will be inside the house with only a window open when I see the mountain lion next, and hopefully, I will have something more than a whistle–just in case.
  60. We live in a very rural area with coyote, javelina & other wild animals.
  61. She will not carry a gun for protection so this seemed to be the next best alternative.
  62. He would wander far enough not to hear a regular Ref’s whistle, he doesn’t this one and comes a running.
  63. I gave one a test blow and didn’t even blow as loud as I could, and it was definitely loud and hurt my ears and my husband’s too.

Buy Storm World’s Loudest Outdoor, Emergency, Safety, Marine, Police, Underwater, & Survival Whistle | 3pk Bundle + Koala Lanyards here

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