pontoon Viamare al deck
Viamare 330 Alu deck A pontoon of the renowned German company Viamare specializing in the production of pontoons. Very stable sea pontoon, made of 3-ply PVC resistant to sea water and oil-resistant.

The outer layer is a very hard, scratch-resistant coating.

The inner layer is a polyester mesh reinforcing whole structures.

The pontoon has three chambers, pumped separately, and keel.

Aluminum floor mounted in a very simple and quick way.

The pontoon has a place to mount the engine.


The kit includes:

– pontoon,

– aluminum floor,

– aluminum rowing,

– lawka,

– transport bag,

– pump,

– blood pressure monitor

– 330x162x44cm / after folding 68x48x118cm

– Ladownosc 640kg / 4-1 people

– Max engine power 15KM

– Weight approx. 63kg

Brand: Viamare


Jaykoo Kid Mini Scooter Kick Scooter 3 Light Wheels Award-winning Design Easy-to-steer Smooth Ride & High Quality Perfect for Kids Blue

jaykoo kid mini scooter kick scooter light wheels award winning design easy stee

  1. Nylon aerospace aluminum alloy material,not too heavy,more lighter.
  2. Steel brakes,more stable and secure.The steering features a curving and carving action that is a little like being on a skateboard but with greater control and maneuverability with Kids love the exceptionally smooth glide and strong 3-wheel construction.
  3. Antimicrobial the handshake of sets and a traditional TBar for easier balancing,more healthy,Specifically designed for kids 3~12 age,all can happy enjoying this Jaykoo kid mini scooter bring them fun sport.
  4. Also, it is not stiff like other scooters and has great handling and turning.
  5. People were amazed when they would watch them in the park, so young, but so well balanced.
  6. I’d like to think they had super skills, but the scooter really makes it easier for kids to ride.
  7. The lights are a great way for others to see them coming especially in early evening hours.
  8. It seems to be made well, and the light up wheels are really cute.
  9. My son is at an age where he wants to play with the big kids but he can’t keep up with them.
  10. He’s not old enough for skates or a bike or anything like that, but this little scooter is perfect.
  11. I was a little hesitant wondering if it would really be low enough for his to reach the handle bar, but he fits on it wonderfully.
  12. There is your typical one well in back, and then two up front which really help for stability.
  13. It doesn’t teeter and totter like other regular scooters so he doesn’t have to worry about balance with it.
  14. And a cute like addition is that the wheels light up every now and then on it, it makes it more fun and I think he really likes the attention he gets from them.
  15. It’s a nice light blue color, and solidly made, he’s dropped it a few times already and it hasn’t gotten any dents, dings or scratches on it yet.
  16. It has nice tread of the base as well so you don’t have to worry about slipping off easily.
  17. The wheels are pretty thick, and look like they will stand up well to the wear and tear of a toddler or younger child.
  18. But of course because kids at any age or unpredictable, I would recommend a helmet.

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