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Viking banded headband. Ventilated earmuffs and excellent elasticity guarantee perfect head and ear protection as well as high comfort of use.

An extremely important element of the wristband is the Windlocker membrane. It is a very light and flexible membrane between two layers of fleece. It protects well against cold, especially against the wind, while allowing you to breathe freely.


– Windlocker membrane

– vented earmuffs

– excellent flexibility

– the perfect solution for active people

– black, universal color

Brand: Viking


NFL Minnesota Vikings Stretch Headband

nfl minnesota vikings stretch headband

  1. The stretchy satin headband with all over team logo pattern can be worn as a large scarf or folded for a small headband.
  2. Short hair, long hair, ponytail, or down, don’t forget to finish your look with the Stretch Headband.
  3. However as soon and you stretch it out to put on your head you can barely tell what is on it, can’t read Vikings and hardly see the colors at all.
  4. The only problem is, it is not hemmed all the way around or across from the other hem.
  5. I guess once I get my sewing machine up and running, I will get it hemmed up.

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NFL FanBand

nfl fanband

  1. It looks pretty good overall, except the edges of the logo patch are not totally stitched or glued down.
  2. The biggest problem I have with it though is that the headband does not lay down flat on your head.
  3. The edge that would be furthest back on your head sticks up alot and there is no way to make it stay down, unless maybe you used a couple bobby pins, but then you would see the pins.
  4. There is about a 2 inch piece of elastic attached to the ends of the jersey material and that elastic is much skinnier than the rest of the band.
  5. That really isn’t a problem, of course, but just thought i’d point it out.
  6. If it laid flat on your head it would be absolutely perfect, but unfortunately it looks pretty silly sticking up like that.
  7. It fits tightly all the way around, except for that back edge, directly on top in the middle.
  8. If you have really thick and/or curly hair, it is going to stick up even more because it will push the loose fabric up and fill it out.
  9. Whereas in my case, with normal thickness of wavy hair, the loose fabric just sticks up and if you would look at it from behind me, you would basically see underneath of the headband.
  10. If the band weren’t so wide, or if it were made of a different material (if the entire piece was stretchy) it would fit better and conform to your head just like a regular elastic headband.
  11. I really think it is for children and adults with tiny heads.
  12. My sister makes me wear it because every time I do the Eagles win.
  13. At the end of the game I use what little brain activity I have left to snatch it off and toss it to the floor.
  14. Later try to hide it but my sister manages to find it every game.
  15. It is very nice jersey material, with embroidered patch.
  16. As all the other reviewers mentioned, it would fit the head of a child only.
  17. However, the actual width of the band is nice and big, and the graphics are awesome.
  18. I knew from the reviews that I would need to have this done, so I anticipated the additional cost, and it was SO worth it.
  19. The band itself is a little narrow and the fit runs small.
  20. I know headbands are supposed to be tight but this particular one is so tight it has given me headaches.
  21. I was thinking of getting my sister one but I wont be due to how bad the headband hurt my head.
  22. I am thinking you have to have a pretty small head for it to fit comfortable on it otherwise it is great and really cool being made out of a jersey.
  23. It looks really good with my “Big Ben” jersey when I am geared out on football Sunday.
  24. It wasn’t so snug that it came off, I just had to take it off after about 12 hours as I could start to feel the pressure.

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