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Steel posts, universal, with height adjustment, without bushes. Bars made of steel pipes fi 76 x 3.6 mm, powder coated.

They have adjustable grid suspension height.

The tensioning element of the mesh is a screw mechanism.

The posts have protective covers.

Height of posts: 2900 mm.

They are designed for training, learning and playing games in a sitka ball, badminton or tennis.

They meet the requirements of EN 1271.

– Weight: 45 kg

Brand: Polsport

Ultimate Summit Sand Beach Umbrella Anchor / Fishing Rod Holder

ultimate summit sand beach umbrella anchor fishing rod holder

  1. The durable construction provides extra support for large wind gusts.
  2. The anchor allows for easy installation, to keep you and your family in the shade!
  3. You can now spend more time under your umbrella, and spending less time on the hassle of digging holes to install your umbrella!
  4. EASY INSTALL ULTIMATE SUMMIT BEACH UMBRELLA SAND AUGER: The 15″ sand anchor was designed with a screw-like tip to allow to install easily into sand or soil!
  5. This allows for quick and sturdy installation every time!
  6. We make it easy for family and friends to take a break from the sun while at the beach, fishing, gardening, or any other outdoor activities!
  7. LIGHT WEIGHT ULTIMATE SUMMIT BEACH UMBRELLA SAND SCREW: You already have your beach chairs, towels, coolers, and beach toys for the family.
  8. Keep your beach trip easy on the back, and make sure you have the Ultimate Summit sand anchor.
  9. We kept you in mind when designing this ultra-light and durable sand anchor!
  10. CORROSION RESISTANT WITH ONE YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: The extra thick and sturdy supports are made of water and rust resistant materials.
  11. This heavy duty ABS allows never ending shade unlike other sand anchors that have metal parts that begin to corrode under harsh beach conditions.
  12. MULTIPLE USES: This sand anchor can be used for all standard beach umbrellas.
  13. The extra sturdy design also allows for use as a rod holder, and can even hold up certain volleyball and badminton nets!
  14. This sand anchor can be used for multiple uses, and has everything you have been looking for to hold your umbrella in place!
  15. Here are just some of those benefits:

    -ITS STURDY AND RUGGED DESIGNis able to withstand strong winds on those windy days to keep your umbrella standing upright!

  16. It keeps your family comfortable and installation is a breeze!
  17. The corrosion resistant materials make it extra reliable every time you go to the beach!<
  18. IT’S ULTRA-LIGHT WEIGHTto relieve some of the burden of all of the other items you carry as well!
  19. ADJUSTABLE DESIGNallows use with almost any beach umbrella as well as other uses like a surf fishing rod holder, beach volleyball nets, and badminton nets at the beach!
  20. RELAX FASTERwith this umbrella sand anchor as its extra-long design and extra-large threads allow for quick and easy installation into whatever terrain you are in!

    -15 inches long, Ergonomic Weather Resistant design.

  22. My previous umbrella anchor had broken, so I was in the market to purchase a new one for an upcoming beach trip.
  23. Found this one by Ultimate Summit, and they seemed to be a reputable company and their anchor had a 5 star rating.
  24. For nearly 1/3 the price of my previous umbrella anchor, I was expecting a cheaper product.
  25. I’m not sure what this thing is made out of, but I don’t think I could break it if I tried.
  26. Very easy to dig and it holds the umbrella pole securely even in windy conditions.
  27. The metal ones seems to go in the sand easier and hold a bit better, but if you want something lighter to carry, this would be a good choice.
  28. Love that I no longer need to rock the umbrella back and forth to get it in the sand and deep enough.
  29. This allows for little effort and a good solid base to be formed.
  30. Bought their umbrella hook too for our bags and highly recommend that as well!!<
  31. We had storm warnings and left it out all night and our umbrella was still in summit holder exactly the way we left it.

Buy Ultimate Summit Sand Beach Umbrella Anchor / Fishing Rod Holder here $12.99

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