proof dispenser saltstick mini grip to capsule

proof dispenser saltstick mini grip to capsule 1
Water-resistant dispenser-SaltStick bottle holder.

The dispenser can be attached to a lot of things-the steering wheel of a bicycle, a running kidney, trekking sticks, a bicycle frame.

Slow: everywhere where it can be useful. It is intended for SaltStick capsules, but nothing prevents you from using it for other tablets-it suits almost all available on the market. Main features: Just turn the knob so that the capsule appears. Capacity: 3 capsules. Using 1-2 capsules per hour, it is enough for a 1.5-3 hour rally or a race. Waterproof, protects the capsule from damage and waterlogging. Made of light (only 12 grams!)food friendly plastics. It hides discreetly within the majority of bicycle steering wheels. It can be mounted anywhere on the bike or kidney. Patented design. Used by the best competitors in Kona Ironman 2005-2012


Length-84mm-i.e. if the dispenser is installed inside e.g. bicycle steering, this is required for such a long straight section of the steering wheel

Diameter input / output-15mm-as above


Capacity-3 capsules

Brand: SaltStick

SaltStick Dispenser for Capsules

saltstick dispenser for capsules

  1. Includes a unique GRIP clip and strap and allows for mounting on hydration, race belts, or externally on bikes.
  2. Simply turn the front knob with one hand and out pops a capsule!
  3. This unique, patented design is water resistant and will keep your capsules dry and prevents them from bouncing around during activity.
  4. Each package includes an extra color-coded nozzle for multiple supplement dispensing.
  5. It is easy to install in the handlebars, but you will end up using two rubber washers to hold it in place – and they only supply one of each size washer.
  6. Even then, some electrical tape around the end will help keep it in place on rougher sections of road.
  7. The mechanism is a simple screw type mechanism in use since Roman and Greek times, so there is really no excuse for the notchy and gritty feel to the knob as it is rotated during use, and the occasional binding of the mechanism.
  8. Loading and dispensing are complicated by the rough mechanism, which mostly fails to fully eject the last capsule.
  9. Since the last capsule is left hanging, it must be pulled out with your fingers.
  10. Many capsules of electrolytes consist of a large end slipped over a small end, and that is a problem for this dispenser.
  11. When you pull on the last (6th) capsule to remove from the dispenser, if the capsule was inserted large end first, that end will ALWAYS be peeled off by the dispenser, leaving you with a half capsule shell and fingers coated in electrolyte powder!
  12. If the capsule was inserted small end first, that end will SOMETIMES be peeled off during the dispensing operation, again leaving electrolyte powder on your hands.
  13. It is so cheaply made that you begin to wonder if the plastics are food grade safe.
  14. I will continue to use it for events, but I don’t have the feeling it will last more than 1 or 2 riding seasons.
  15. I did end up using two of the washers, one on each end so it didn’t bounce in the bar tube.
  16. It doesn’t look particularly sturdy, but it’s only holding salt capsules.
  17. This particular dispenser is a bit larger than I expected (not because of product description, I just wasn’t paying attention), but works well with my water bottle, or my running belt.
  18. This model holds 6 capsules, which I need for longer training runs, or shorter runs with friends.
  19. Speaking of friends, the twist dispenser means it is easy for everyone to grab a capsule without sweating all over everyone else’s.
  20. This is VERY important if you are pooling resources on training runs.
  21. The dispenser can be tricky to load at first, mainly because it isn’t always clear if you have set it all the way to maximum as you are setting it up.
  22. After a couple tries, I figured it out, but it does take some fiddling at first.
  23. Maybe a bit on the large side, but it allows you to bring six salt capsules, and keeps them dry, so it is worth it!<
  24. Fit’s perfect, actually makes the bike look cool, and I’m tempted to buy another one just to make the two bars match.
  25. Works as described, a little tricky to load, but you just twist the end until a pill is about half exposed (the rubber cap holds it from falling out), then grab the pill and you’re set for the next one.
  26. Not sure how waterproof it is yet, but does not work if the nipple gets cold!
  27. I found that out on a wintery 25k race fighting to get the capsules out.
  28. Don’t know if they have a softer plastic nipple for cold weather applications.
  29. I just tucked it in clothing layers to warm it back up).
  30. Highly recommend the dispenser over zilock baggie option I used to use that allow the capsules to rub and break.
  31. After two uses, I had to take it apart and file off the rough edges of plastic inside the mechanism.
  32. It still malfunctioned during my Ironman, so I have uninstalled it and thrown it away.
  33. On my Tri-bike I have this taped to the inside of the aerobars underneath my aero bottle.
  34. It works well, twist the knob and a salt pill comes out.
  35. I have another one that I used on my race belt after I had issues in my first 1/2 IM with not getting enough salt intake.
  36. It is a bit cumbersome on the race belt and I think I ended up ignoring it more than I used it.
  37. I haven’t found a “perfect” solution for salt tabs on the run, but this does not appear to be it.
  38. When I opened the package one of the washers included just broke in half like a cracker.
  39. I didn’t even try the product since the size of it it’s not convenient for a runner at all, it’s just too big/long.
  40. I attached it to my fuel belt, and had nothing but problems with it.
  41. The turn knob wouldn’t turn and I couldn’t get the salt tabs out.
  42. Saves me from fumbling around a zip lock bag while riding to get to my pills.

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SaltStick Mini Dispenser for Capsules

saltstick mini dispenser for capsules

  1. Mineral Hydration Balance Tablets for Active Fluid Recovery Health.
  2. Includes a unique GRIP and allows for mounting on hydration or race belts.
  3. Turn the front knob with one hand and out pops a capsule!
  4. This unique, patented design is water resistant and will keep your capsules dry and prevents them from bouncing around during activity.
  5. Each package includes an extra color-coded nozzle for multiple supplement dispensing.
  6. To be fare I have NOT YET actually tested the product from a standpoint of whether or not they actually prevent me from getting cramps but I will update this review as soon as I have given these a real world test!
  7. I live in Southern Louisiana where the weather is hot and extremely humid which for me is the perfect recipe for extreme sweating, I will loose about 2-3 lbs of water weight every 3-4 hour ride even while taking in PLENTY of fluid.
  8. Usually I start to cramp (Quads, Hamstrings and Groin Abductors !) right at around 3:30-4:00 of riding which makes continuing impossible without a full stop and stretching for sometimes a long time.
  9. After discussing with various racing friends it became clear that sodium loss is most likely responsible for my cramping.
  10. I ride a regular road racing bike without aero bars so once I received the product I quickly realized that there would be no way to mount this dispenser in an elegant way on the bike.
  11. I read more reviews on the shorter 3 capsule dispensers that would apparently fit at the bottom of my handlebar drops!
  12. As for me here is what worked in terms of installation.
  13. The units come with some sort of plastic washers which proved to be useless to secure the sticks inside the oversized carbon handlebar.
  14. I tried to wrap the sticks with a thick amount of electrical tape but I really did not like the “feel” nor the “look” of the installed stick in these locations.
  15. I ride with a Garmin Edge 500 installed atop my stem and held in place with the standard mount which uses a set of 2 thick rubber o-rings.
  16. They are tucked away enough to where they don’t interfere with my grips when i ride with my hands on top of the bars and it will make dispensing the capsules really easy.
  17. Like I said I intend to test the actual capsules this week end and so I will update the review at that time.
  18. I did a fairly hard 55 miles ride Saturday and usually toward the end of the ride I would have started to cramp.
  19. Weather and conditions were prime for it, windy on the way back I.e.
  20. I took 1 capsule about every hour and I did not cramp at all.
  21. The dispensers worked as expected and as soon as I returned home I made sure to refill them with new capsules.
  22. I hope they work for you but they seem to work for me and that is sure to make longer ride much more enjoyable.
  23. Gaskets are ill-fitted (no chance they will hold dispenser in place) and one of the gasket sets broke in crumbs (never seen this before in a gasket) as if rubber was “cooked.” I came up with a solution using adhesive Velcro inside the tubes to lock-in the dispensers.
  24. The most disappointing thing was when one of the red plastic caps detached itself from the dispenser and got lost during ride!<
  25. I think that if a different manufacturer will spend that extra dollar in quality of materials and design this could be a useful way to have access to salts during long rides.
  26. Product comes with a few rubber washers and instructions to use tape around the stem of the product if none of the washers are the right size.
  27. Ended up putting a fair amount of electrical tape around the stem and using the middle size washer, but after about 500 miles of riding, it has stayed in place.
  28. After some hard bumps, it has come out a very small amount, but no big deal and I have no concerns of it ever falling out completely.
  29. Using the Salt Stick capsules with it, they go right in without a problem and come out with just a few turns of the red knob.
  30. Made the mistake the first time using it of putting the capsule in backwards, so when it was coming back out, the capsule came apart.
  31. Just make sure that the half of the capsule that is on the outside is facing you as you put it in.
  32. Only wish it could hold more capsules, but 6 (3 in each one) is plenty for most rides.
  33. Save your money put your capsules in a 36mm film canister.

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