whistle to kettles survival kettle

whistle to kettles survival kettle 1
If you lose this item from the original set-we give you the option to play the set.


Weight: 130g
– Inner diameter 35 mm

– Outer diameter (at the bottom flange)

40 mm

– height: 59 mm

Brand: Survival Kettle

ZITRADES 3pcs Emergency Hiking Camping Survival Aluminum Whistle Key Chain With Red/Green/Blue Color

zitrades pcs emergency hiking camping survival aluminum whistle key chain with r

  1. Package content:

    3 x Aluminum Whistle

    Attention:The whistle is for Emergency Hiking Camping Survival, not a toy minimun age above 6 years old .

  2. The cuts are uneven and there’s a giant burr / chip sticking into the whistle slot on the red one that made it all the way through the plating process.
  3. The fact that it didn’t burn off in the anodizing tank makes me suspect that they are painted rather than anodized.
  4. About two months ago one of these friends fell and broke her hip and could not get to her telephone to call 911 but thankfully she had the whistle I had given her and was able to get the attention of one of her neighbors who then called 911 to get Bobbi an ambulance .
  5. I was in a similar situation and was told by a paramedic that it was a very good idea because I was able to draw attention to myself and got the help I needed because my power chair had just stopped working while I was in the parking lot of our local grocery store .
  6. Our son joined Scouting and I wanted some inexpensive whistles to give the family on hikes.
  7. I have a referee/coach whistle that I use and when I compared the sound, its about as loud as a good coach’s whistle, maybe a tad louder.
  8. Coaches whistles have that little ball that makes the sound fluctuate).
  9. Its lightweight, small and study enough that I am not worried about it breaking on hikes.
  10. The metal ring is thin so you may want to replace with a stronger one to attach to whatever you want to.
  11. The price of these is perfect to make sure that everyone has an emergency whistle that is easy to attach and keep track of as we venture out.
  12. They are loud enough that you should easily be able to find a nearby missing person if needed.
  13. I’ve found that they aren’t as loud or piercing as a larger emergency whistle and would recommend a true survival whistle when there is a risk of back country emergency.
  14. The whistles are small enough that they could be attached to keys if someone wanted to carry them around town as well.
  15. I bought them for my wife & I to use in case of some emergency.
  16. The first time I tried it, my wife didn’t hear it, but I think that says more about the condition of her ears than the whistle.
  17. And, in truth, I didn’t blow the thing as hard as I could’ve, because it was already hurting my ears!!<
  18. I think that, in a real emergency, I’ll just have to bear the pain, and blow harder yet!<
  19. Because they were cheap and I actually did need some key chains for spare keys.
  20. I also decided that if I was in a building collapse or if someone was trying to mug me, I could blow on the whistle and get help?
  21. Anyway, they have a ring on them, you put your keys on them, and there you go.
  22. They are sturdy metal and the whistle is definitely loud and would get attention.
  23. Not sure what else you would need to know if you were considering buying these!<
  24. My only concern is there is a plastic reed inside that makes the whistle sound and if that ever falls out I assume the whistle will not work.
  25. I kept one and gave other two to two of my good friends.
  26. Just keep in mind, there is a plastic piece inside, that if somehow broken, I don’t think the whistle will work (others may chime in w more experience,…
  27. I found the reason is because in the other 5, the plastic piece that causes the high pitch is skewed.
  28. It arrived on time and was affordable enough to be worthwhile.

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