dumbbell speedo hands on aqua blue glove
Perfect Speedo swimming gloves.

They were made of a material of high strength and resistant to chlorine. Ideally suited for water training and for exercises of upper body parts.


– gloves made of a material of high durability

– material resistant to chlorine

– a web-shaped glove allows you to smoothly overcome water resistance and move faster

– An additional advantage is to minimize joint load

– ideal for water training and for exercising upper body parts

– do not burden the ponds

– S: length-19 cm, width at the wrist-8 cm,

– M: length-20,5 cm, width at the wrist-8,5 cm,

– L:length-22 cm, width at the wrist-9 cm.

Brand: Fluent

Speedo Team Kickboard

speedo team kickboard

  1. Experience less gravity, cleaner coordination, consistent resistance, less pain, and natural compression.
  2. It’s also great as a resistance tool for in water vertical fitness exercises.
  3. Constructed of textured EVA foam, it features side finger scallops for a comfortable, no-slip grip.
  4. Water not only exercises your cardiovascular muscles, but also provides adequate resistance for strength building that powers you through even the most strenuous training.
  5. These movements are designed to maximize all three aspects of your workout and improve your overall power in and out of the pool.
  6. Strength, plyometrics, and pillar preparation are the keys to developing power.
  7. The water’s natural resistance against your movements results in a higher intensity workout than you would get on land.
  8. Endurance exercises are great for flushing the tissues and conditioning the body.
  9. These exercises will train you to have longer, more effective workouts.
  10. Movement preparation and skills, and energy system development are the keys to increasing endurance.
  11. Water rehabilitation allows you to rehabilitate yourself without the pain often associated with on-land exercise.
  12. Use the unique properties of water to help your body bounce back and relax (like you can’t anywhere else).
  13. We created our first swimsuit in 1928 and since then we’ve been behind every major swimwear innovation, from pioneering Lycra swimsuits to developing the world’s first Fastskin Racing System.
  14. We use this for workouts in the pool, our three-year-old uses it to practice kicking, even my senior mom enjoys floating on it.
  15. It seems really durable and feels like high quality material.
  16. If kept aside from everything else, this is a good device which helped me with swimming a lot.
  17. The shape makes it glide through water seamlessly which allows for little extra friction while swimming.
  18. The material is durable and the board is quite hard to break in normal use.
  19. I’m trying to tone my arms and legs and this has been a great help.
  20. It’s a lot more sturdy than the boards provided by my gym, which allows me to do some tough arm workouts with it.
  21. I used it during my recent hawaii trip while snorkeling, to float around and watch the fishes.
  22. Be careful if using it as a boogie board – the rough surface can harm the skin.
  23. I rested my head on the board for a while, and since my skin was soft from soaking in the water for a long time, it kind of peeled off several layers of skin until I noticed what was going on!<
  24. Great for your kick practice, both improving form and endurance.
  25. Certainly beats hanging on the side of the pool and kicking!
  26. So bad I had to drive with my windows down for the first 1-2 weeks when it was in my car.
  27. My husband even noticed it, and he barely noticing anything like that.
  28. I think it took at least 1 month of 3 days in the pool to reduce the smell.
  29. They won’t float unless you hold them a full arms length out from you.

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Speedo Junior Team Kickboard

speedo junior team kickboard

  1. You may just want to buy a full size on if they are around that age.
  2. But after washing it and letting it air out it has lost its pungency.
  3. She’s learning to swim and has decided she wants to be like her auntie and swim with her head down, face in the water.
  4. The kickboard allows her to hold the sides and swim with her face in or out of the water while I support her with my hand under her tummy – exactly what I was hoping for.
  5. Only down side is that it isn’t as sturdy on the top of the water because it is smaller–it is more likely to tip with kids that aren’t as balanced or strong with their kicks.
  6. It is perfect for her training and we can spot her in the water with the bright color.
  7. The one we got was dark blue and no white writing on it.
  8. It is also very small- not sure its actually youth size and not kids size.
  9. My five year old is learning to swim, and this is the perfect size for him to work on becoming more comfortable in the water and improving his skills.
  10. The grooves on the side are helpful for finger placement and grip.
  11. I expect they will be able to use these for a couple of years until they grow out of them.

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