pack Wilson Davis cup triple

pack Wilson Davis cup triple 1
Tennis bag with one compartment closed with a zip with double zipper designed for three rockets.

Additional outside pocket for accessories.

One adjustable, removable shoulder strap to carry the shoulder bag and two handles with the possibility of integration to carry in the hand. Made of hard-to-get material. Manufacturer’s code Z6211

Number of rockets (by manufacturer)


Number of chambers 1

Chambers of thermal insulation 0

Accessories pockets 1

Chambers for shoes No

Bag for footwear No

Braces 1

Dimensions (dl / h / w)

in cm 77/33/12

Main color gray

Color gray, black, white

Brand: Wilson


Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball

wilson championship extra duty tennis ball

  1. An exclusive wool felt blend that allows for real durability enhancements.
  2. Last, the core compound allows for great playability and consistency.
  3. No matter the surface (grass, clay, American), you’ll have a “rally” good time playing with the Wilson Championship Tennis Balls!
  4. Check out the video link for in depth product review of the categories listed below plus see the Wilson Championship Tennis Balls in action!<
  5. He destroys nearly all toys, including kong’s “heavy duty” tennis ball toys, but these seem sturdier even and he hasn’t destroyed one yet.
  6. I think he even likes these balls more than his bones sometimes!<
  7. We bounce them off the concrete and our lab will jump into the air to catch them!<
  8. I bought them to use for my German Shepherd and she usually destroys balls within a matter of minutes.
  9. These balls are awesome and they have not broken or popped at all.
  10. My dog loves them and I am glad that they are tough enough to stand up to the abuse that my dog unleashes on them.
  11. As a Professional Tennis Coach I need a ball that maintains its firmness a fair period of time after it is opened.
  12. As compared to all their competitors, Wilson balls maintain their bounce until their is almost no fuzz left on their cover.
  13. Other brands I have tried go flat while there is still a lot of fuzz left on their cover.
  14. They are cheap enough that if you lose a few of them, it isn’t so bad.
  15. These are labeled as Wilson #2 balls and are packaged properly with an aluminum seal on the inside.
  16. I highly recommend these if you don’t mind losing a few of them!<
  17. Spike can chew on ONE of these balls for over a week before he has it torn apart.
  18. I tried the Penn Heavy Duty balls, which can’t even hold a candle to the Wilson Heavy Duty balls – he tore straight into the Penn, I grabbed it and took them all back for a refund.
  19. Wilson is definitely the way to go, probably even if you use tennis balls to play tennis.
  20. I also like that I can reuse the canister as storage for when I don’t need to use these.
  21. I’ve tried doggy tennis balls which cost much more and she does the same thing so I’d much rather get cheaper ones.
  22. More durable than the dog balls I find at the pet store.
  23. Although I will be honest here, I got these for my labrador.

Buy Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball here $2.99 – $79.00

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball (4-Pack), Yellow

wilson open extra duty tennis ball pack yellow

  1. Unlock 5% savings on this product when you subscribe to 5 or more products that arrive in the same month.
  2. It seems to last longer than the traditional Wilson or Penn balls.
  3. It is about twice the price, but I view it as a nominal price.

Buy Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball (4-Pack), Yellow here $17.99

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