insulated gloves windstar black neon
Gloves giving excellent protection on windy days.

Out of the wind-proof thanks to the Soft Shell coating.

The agent provides ventilation and skin breathing.

The iron inserts and reinforcement of the inner side of the hand improves the comfort of the bicycle.

The pointing finger is adapted to use touch screens. No Velcro in this model is a quick assumption and removal of gloves, even in more difficult conditions.

Size table size XS S M L XL XXL

hand circumference [cm]

15-17 18-20 21-23 24-25 26-27 28-30

The hand circumference is measured at the thumb mark.

Brand: Accent


Prodigen Outdoor Winter Gloves Touchscreen Running Warm Gloves

prodigen outdoor winter gloves touchscreen running warm gloves

  1. High Sensitivity Touchscreen:The gloves adopted conductive material on the thumb and index finger.
  2. You can touch screen of your smartphone or tablet without with no need for taking off gloves in the cold weather.
  3. Waterproof&Windproof: It’s waterproof and windproof gloves on outdoor sports.This item can waterproof, but it is Slightly waterproof, can not used on underwater or heavy rain days.
  4. Adjustable Size&Anti-skid Design:On the back of the golves has a zipper.So you can adjust the sizes to fit your hands comfortably.
  5. And the silicone on the gloves palm is to provent you hands skid when you driving or cycling or hold something else.
  6. Multipurpose Gloves:The Gloves can be used for cycling,biking,running,motorcycle, driving outdoor sports for men and women.
  7. Our gloves have humanized design including smart touch, waterproof, anti-skid etc and offer a good price.
  8. Then I realized that I could operate my phone with the gloves on.
  9. Then I wear them to jog, play soccer and drive in the winter weather.
  10. I had ordered a medium per the size chart and it was too small.
  11. There was no easy return method and it was cheap so I ordered a large.
  12. They did ok in 40 degree weather, but in the 20 through 30 degree range they were not comfortable.
  13. The fit is definitely snug, so make sure to err on the side of caution when determining your size.
  14. They are not necessarily going to keep your hands warm in the teens, but they are not designed to do that.
  15. I would certainly recommend for weather in the mid 20’s and higher.
  16. I took a ride using these for the first time in 45 degree weather and my hands got very cold.
  17. Luckily I had taken another pair of gloves with me and changed them for the thicker gloves.
  18. I was looking for a thinner pair of gloves but these will not do.
  19. I can’t attest to their ability to resist the rain because I try to avoid riding when it is raining.
  20. If you are looking for a pair of gloves to keep you dry then these may be fine, but if you are wanting something to keep you warm while riding in cold weather, I would suggest keep looking.
  21. Update 2-18-18: Took these gloves to a rally in Charleston, WV yesterday knowing it was going to rain.
  22. Within 1 hour of it starting to rain the gloves were soaked as if they had been in a bucket of water.
  23. I took them off and put my hands in my pockets to try and get them warm.
  24. Not only are they not warm they are also not waterproof as claimed.
  25. I can find no use for a pair of gloves that don’t keep you warm or dry.
  26. The size chart does not match well between metric and english units.
  27. I ordered XL according to the size chart (21cm) and it was slightly large for me, my fingers were short compared to the gloves.
  28. Had a co-worker ask about them and now he wears them also.
  29. I use them by themselves and as liners for my heavy gloves when it get really cold.
  30. If you apply any real pressure to them they are going to come off anyway.
  31. You should also order one size larger than recommended for a good fit.
  32. I had to return my first pair because they were far too small, despite careful measuring.
  33. I ride bicycle, and have a Jeep, so my fingers definitely appreciate the waterproof warmth.
  34. And I love using my cell without taking the gloves off.
  35. The touch screen tips didn’t work either and were the first part to start failing.

Buy Prodigen Outdoor Winter Gloves Touchscreen Running Warm Gloves here $8.99 – $11.87

Mens 3M Thinsulate 40 gram Thermal Insulated Black Knit Winter Fingerless Gloves

mens thinsulate gram thermal insulated black knit winter fingerless gloves

  1. These are the best pair of gloves to keep your hands toasty warm, while still allowing your fingers full mobility and use.
  2. Perfect for environments where both warmth and mobility are needed!
  3. Provides extra warmth to cold hands, while allowing you full use of you thumbs and fingers.
  4. They are thermally insulated with 3M of thinsulate insulation and have 40 grams of thermal lining within them.
  5. They have no bulkiness about them, making them the best choice for a reliable and comfortable pair of gloves.
  6. They are knuckle length and let your fingers and thumbs move freely.
  7. If you work outside, these are the gloves for you, as these gloves being fingerless means they are perfect for environments where you need to use your fingers – but also need to keep warm!
  8. You may even choose to wear them in the office when its chilly, meaning it is easier to type than wearing conventional gloves.
  9. These gloves are insulated with 3M of thermal thinsulate insulation!
  10. They are also 2X Warmer than other thermal materials of the same thickness.
  11. They also have a 40 gram thermal insulation lining within, making them super soft and super warm.
  12. Another great thing about these gloves is that even though they are super warm, they are still extra thin meaning that there is no bulkiness about these socks.
  13. The thin knit is super soft, along with a soft grip cuff for some extra comfort.
  14. I would recommend them for general wearing and light use for fingertip use/mobility, but not for any type of work with your hands.
  15. I don’t really see them lasting for anyone who wanted these to work with your hands or for things like shoveling snow.
  16. For now, I am really liking these, but time will tell if they last.
  17. They need to be thin and light enough to type on a keyboard with speed and accuracy.
  18. They also need to be as warm as possible but not make my hands sweat.
  19. I need something that strikes a good balance between warmth and dexterity.
  20. Ideally, I want gloves that won’t hinder my typing or anything I do.
  21. But they need to have some degree of warmth or what’s the point.
  22. I decided to keep them because they’re better than the 3 other pairs I ordered.
  23. To be fair, fingerless gloves just can’t keep you all that warm.
  24. When I wear them my fingertips are icicle’s but at least I can still type.
  25. They don’t feel super cheap but they’re not built to last.
  26. One strange thing worth mentioning is, when I received them, the thumb holes where ridiculously TIGHT.
  27. They were so tight and narrow you could barely stick a pencil through them.
  28. I almost returned them immediately but decided to try and stretch them out.
  29. When i bought the fingerless gloves i did it for intend uses of playing piano or touch screen devices etc so was hoping for something with more flexibility however that’s partially my fault for not reading details and comments before purchasing, so i’m not gonna count off just for that.
  30. These were great for about two weeks, and then the stitching in the liner unraveled around the wrist.
  31. The liner is still attached deeper in the glove, though.
  32. I was very disappointed because they were warm and fit nicely.
  33. I’m still using them, but it’s like surgery trying to get my hand in the glove without the liner bunching up.
  34. If they had lasted a few months, I wouldn’t have been all that annoyed because they were so affordable.
  35. I bought these for my husband who works outside with his hands.
  36. He requested fingerless gloves so that he could still grip and do whatever was necessary, but these frayed at the finger holes pretty quickly.
  37. I replaced them with cheap Old Navy ones that actually held up better.
  38. They’re great if you’re using them for like driving or little to no work.
  39. The only thing that could make thes better is if they had a pocket for a warming pad or device.
  40. Im Not in awe over them, but they are indeed exactly as they say they are for a good price which is more than i can say for most products these days.
  41. This is the first pair that have really worked—keeping my hands at an operational temp while also giving me finger contact as needed.
  42. Walking the dog in -4° weather, these gloves were adequate, which is saying something.
  43. The only “ding” is that the first pair split around the web of the right thumb within a day of wear.
  44. Maybe because of my large hands, or maybe a defect in manufacturing.
  45. I can’t imagine this is a common occurrence, and the gloves are still fully functional.
  46. It’s just a bit of a cosmetic blemish, which is no big deal.
  47. I wish I replaced those terrible mitten monstrosities years ago.
  48. These gloves are sturdier, knitted better, warmer, and more flexible without any bulk.
  49. I plan on using full gloves for working in snow, ice, and any prolonged exposure to the cold.
  50. However, these are such a great quality and welcome addition to my winter wardrobe that I have already ordered a second pair, the day after I received the first.
  51. I give it minus 1 star because I can see the flaws in the gloves such as, it was not put together in with great care.
  52. I didn’t return it because I was going through a lot but I wish I could return it.
  53. The finger openings are a little tight, but they will loosen with time.

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