ladder gym training winner black

ladder gym training winner black 1
Gymnastic ladder "Winner-Black"

Sports equipment is made of reinforced 50×50 mm tube.

The "Winner-Black" gymnastic ladder is mounted directly on the floor, which makes it easy to withstand competitors weighing up to 150 kg.

The treadmill can be installed even in gyms.

The base of the structure-ladder-contains an increased number of crossbars.

On 9 crossbars, you have the possibility to install additional elements, which will allow you to customize the ladder to your individual needs.

– maximum allowable load: 150 kg
– width: 66 cm
– Mounting method: for wall
– crosshead height for pull-off: 2,28m
– distance from the gymnastic ladder: 0.54m
– distance to exercise from the gymnastic ladder: 0.69m
– distance from the gym ladder: 1.4m
– occupied. area: 0.5m2
– room height for installation: from 2.40m
– packaging weight (not more)
: 62 kg
– Safety certificate in accordance with the following standards: PN-EN 12346: 2001, PN-EN 913: 2008
"Winner-Black" gymnastic ladder contains:

1.Two metal stands and nine metal crossbars made of plastic: 1 komplekt

2. Bar catch: 2 pcs.

3. L550 rule: 2 pcs.


Thumbing ring (included)
: 1 piece

5. M8 screw with nut for fixing the pull rod: 4 pcs.


Training for hands with armrests: 2 pcs.

7.Back with backing: 1 piece

8.M8 bolt with a nut for attaching the crossbar with a root: 2 pcs.


Exercise ball: 1 pcs.

10.Take the seat to the bench: 1 piece


A handle to attach the ladder to the wall: 4 pcs.

12. M10 screw: 4 pcs.

13. Plastic screw covers: 34 pcs.

14. Plastic plugs for M10 screw: 4 pcs.

Brand: Benchmark

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