dumbbell speedo hands on biofuse power paddle red gray

dumbbell speedo hands on biofuse power paddle red gray 1
BioFUSE Power Paddle Wires are made of polypropylene and partly of soft TPR rubber. Fixed to the hand are through two types of silicone rubber bands.

Their ergonomic shape makes them perfectly adhere to the hand. Used during training, they significantly reduce fatigue in the hands, while helping to build strength of the upper parts of the muscles.

Speedo BioFUSE technology has been inspired by human anatomy, and thus the strength of the skeleton and the elasticity of human muscles. This technology uses the properties of materials used to increase comfort and fit, and thus the effectiveness of the product (including thermoplastic polypropylene).

BioFUSE stands out with the distinction of combining hard and soft material.

The two densities of the material create the perfect combination.

The hard parts create a rigid structure, and the soft parts give the comfort flexibility



sizes –
– M 17×22 cm

– L 20×27 cm

Brand: Speedo


Speedo Biofuse Power Hand Paddles Medium

speedo biofuse power hand paddles medium

  1. My arms and back shoulders are now visible, before were just normal.
  2. I really like these and help me with the great workout and at the same time improving my swimming distance and time both.
  3. Will highly recommend if you are looking for a strenght building while swimming — great results in less than 2 months.
  4. I plan to continue to use them every day when swimming.
  5. I would say I was rather a small than a medium size, but still they work awesome with me.
  6. I currently am using these for training for a triathlon and these have worked wonders.

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Speedo Biofuse Flexible Comfort Hand Paddles

speedo biofuse flexible comfort hand paddles

  1. Designed to maximize resistance to build upper body strength.
  2. Biofuse technology: Blending maximum comfort, fit and performance.
  3. Ergonomically engineered shape for improved grip and reduced hand fatigue.
  4. Excellent for both horizontal lap swimming and vertical aquatic fitness exercises.
  5. I can only swim about 100 yards with these at a time without rest, currently.
  6. They do however create wonderful drag and with my small hands they really have me working on the technique of my catch and pull, keeping my hand and wrist in line with the rest of my forearm to move more water.
  7. I would recommend these more to teenage competitive swimming boys, size wise.
  8. In the future, when I coach I will recommend these paddles to the 13&O boys for sure.

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