Women Hill Zamberlan Valles GTX gray lavender
The Zamberlan Valles GTX® WNS women stand out with the look and technical features that make mountain trekking more comfortable and more effective. Cholewke made of leather, as well as panels developed in Cordura® technology, which increases the strength of the whole structure. Women’s shoes Zamberlan Valles GTX® WNS have Hydrobloc® impregnation in places where there is no membrane, which significantly slows down their soaking.

This solution in combination with the GORE-TEX® membrane will ensure water resistance at a very high level, thus avoiding wetting during a sudden breakdown of the weather. In addition, the applied solution provides great breathability to facilitate the maintenance of a comfortable dry climate.

Shoes were also equipped with Zamberlan® Backpacking Last technology, which is designed to maximally match this model to the female foot.

These are a number of solutions that make the feminine cut of the shoes and their high condition will effectively protect against accidental injuries such as dislocations.

On the top of the boot there is an additional reinforcement that protects the upper against damage caused by hitting a protruding fragment of the sharp rock. In the center, reinforcement in the form of a durable nylon increases the stiffness of the Zamberlan Valles GTX® WNS shoe on the trail. In addition, plastic elements and foam were placed there, which are supposed to absorb shocks caused by walking on rough terrain.

Cut: High

Membrane: Yes

Sole: Vibram® Multifilm

Lining: Textile

Srodpleps: Polyurethane, thermo-polyurethane, polyethylene, nylon, foam

GORE-TEX® reinforced front: Yes

GORE-TEX® footwear: GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort Footwear

GORE-TEX® type: GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort Footwear

Brand: Zamberlan


Zamberlan Women’s 495 Valles GTX WNS Grey-Lavender Leather Backpacking Boots

zamberlan women valles gtx wns grey lavender leather backpacking boots

  1. The Valles is an Italian, ultra lightweight, and durable tough hiker and moderate backpacker built specifically for Women.
  2. Comfort 5 stars – no break-in required and lightweight, I received the shoes the day before I traveled to Scotland and had no problem walking on the trails as well as city streets.
  3. Style 5 stars – the light blue is really pretty and it’s athletic looking, don’t feel out of place when walking in the city street.

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Zamberlan Women’s 125 Intrepid RR Leather Hiking Shoes

zamberlan women intrepid leather hiking shoes

  1. Mesh liners ensure maximum breathability and prevent overheating.
  2. After such a short period the inner hem around the ankles is already worn and tore.
  3. The same hem was also painting me a lot during the walks on my Achille tendon.

Buy Zamberlan Women’s 125 Intrepid RR Leather Hiking Shoes here $77.00

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