The Ocun Bamboo T Meadow women’s t-shirt is aimed at active women who feel best in the scales.

Her climbing character is manifested in the maximum freedom of movement that translates into the efficiency of reaching the top.

The Ocun T-shirt contains bamboo fiber to the touch resembling a viscose.

Thanks to this, this model is extremely pleasant to the touch, and the solution in the form of flat seams reduces the risk of skin irritation of the sensitive woman’s skin. The breathability of the material used means that even in warm weather a day spent on climbing will be much easier to maintain a comfortable dry climate around the skin. It also means that the protection against overheating of the body is higher, which positively affects the efficiency of climbing.

This model uses a 4-way-stretch * typeface.

This means that the Ocun t-shirt is stretchable in all directions, which translates to the maximum freedom of movement while climbing. This will allow you to more easily use the next grips and avoid an unpleasant phenomenon that is the resistance of the material. Materials used: 65% bamboo viscose, 30% viscose, 5% elastane;

Brand: Ocun

Women’s Low Cut Bamboo Breathable Socks w/ Bonus Laundry Bag 6 Pairs Black or White

women low cut bamboo breathable socks bonus laundry bag pairs black white

  1. They are thin and low cut women’s socks and come with a free laundry bag.
  2. Perfect to wear with loafers, boat shoes, converse, vans and other sneakers.
  3. Non-slip silicone heel grip keeps your socks up on your heel, where they should be for a comfortable fit.
  4. Breathable, anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and they even help combat foot odor.
  5. Great for low cut shoes, like Vans, Converse, loafers and sneakers.
  6. Each pack comes with a bonus laundry bag for your convenience.
  7. There is a small pad on the heel to keep them from slipping.
  8. This is an excellently run business and I recommend it highly.
  9. They come up higher on top than most no-show socks, protecting my foot from the tongue and laces of my sneakers.
  10. These are thin with a little more cush at the toe / heel.
  11. Good silicone pad at back of heel with the added benefit of a cushion against blisters.
  12. I will definitely be ordering more and throwing out the others.
  13. They are comfortable, don’t slip, keep my feet cool, but warm enough.
  14. They are a Christmas gift but from what I can see look great!
  15. Personally I love bamboo and I am sure they will be loved!<
  16. I wear athletic shoes everyday as a nurse and finally found socks that are sooo comfortable AND keep my feet dry!<
  17. Heel pad comfortable even though a bit bulky on my narrow heel.
  18. Super light, no seams and a rubber no-slide piece at top of heel.
  19. My shoe size is 6 1/2 and they are loose and they keep coming off my foot.

Buy Women’s Low Cut Bamboo Breathable Socks w/ Bonus Laundry Bag 6 Pairs Black or White here $19.99

Hugh Ugoli Women’s Dress Crew Socks Bamboo Business Casual Comfort Seam.Shoe Size : 6-9 & 9-12

hugh ugoli women dress crew socks bamboo business casual comfort seam shoe size

  1. If you love being stylish, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, there’s nothing more fun and colorful than trendy Bamboo Women’s Dress Socks from Hu Socks.
  2. Safe Care Instructions To wash your new Hu Socks, please turn them inside out before placing in the washing machine.
  3. Wash on gentle cycle in warm, max 30°C(86°F) or cool water with mild soap, careful to avoid bleach or fabric softener.
  4. Regular, Tube style socks:These are the regular ones with a clearly visible stitch line across the toe.
  5. Comfort Seam:These are hybrid ones which have non irritating smooth visible Seam like in this listing.
  6. Handlinked, Flat Seam:These are the ultimate seamlessones.
  7. I wanted a ~thinner pair of socks vs bulkier socks to fit more comfortably in my shoes.
  8. They are so soft and stayed up well due to a nice ~1″ elastic band at the top (which blends in nicely with the sock).
  9. The tops are narrow and not very giving: I didn’t even try them on because they were so small when I tried stretch-testing them with my fingers.
  10. The material is soft, though, the socks are relatively thin (dressy), and workmanship looked fine.
  11. I didn’t want anything tight, and wouldn’t have chosen them in a store.
  12. And I got six pairs of socks for what I’ve sometimes paid for a single pair at another place in the past!<
  13. I am not sure if I can go back to polyester any more.The fabric feels good and the elastic is tight enough to stay up but never too tight.
  14. I wear socks below the calf because it causes circulation problems if I pull them above my calves.
  15. I’ve only been wearing them a short time but they stay up and wash well.
  16. I have not seen before any shrinkage and stayed as soft as first worn.Soft, comfortable, well fitting, and good quality.
  17. They are a little snug around my calves, however I have very large calves.
  18. They are incredibly soft, hug my legs and stay up but don’t dig into my skin to do it.
  19. It is actually priced in the mid-range compared to other similar socks.
  20. Tight around my thick ankles, but stays in place, which is the most important part!

Buy Hugh Ugoli Women’s Dress Crew Socks Bamboo Business Casual Comfort Seam.Shoe Size : 6-9 & 9-12 here $10.99

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