The Ocun Blooms Tee women’s t-shirt is a stylistically refined model embellished with a graphic design with a floristic touch.

This makes the T-shirt gaining versatility, and its user will be able to enjoy climbing, providing comfort always and everywhere.

The use of natural cotton in the Ocun t-shirt means that even during demanding climbing tasks you will avoid the creation of unpleasant sub-irritations. It will certainly delight active women with a sensitive skin. The construction of this model is bi-directional, which means that during climbing you will have the maximum freedom of movement necessary to effectively practice this activity.

The cotton fleece and short sleeves of T-shirts for women Ocun excels in warm weather days both in scales and in the city.

The versatile design will let you enjoy maximum comfort regardless of where you are. Materials used: 100% cotton;

Brand: Ocun

Champion Women’s Jersey V-neck Tee

champion women jersey neck tee

  1. But being less than satisfied with the last few I bought, I took a break from them this past summer.
  2. But, needing a new shirt now, I decided to give them another try.
  3. This shirt is a nice color but that’s about all I can say good about it.
  4. The length has shrank so much that I now need to let it hang-dry after washing, and that’s after stretching it out to get a bit more length back.
  5. I finally decided to write this review after the hem on one of the sleeves came unraveled after the last washing, making it a shirt I don’t want to wear out in public any more!<
  6. I now have several versions of this same shirt with wildly inconsistent fit and quality.
  7. Too bad, because I used to really like the quality of all the Champion products but not any more!<
  8. After reading several reviews and verifying this is 100% cotton, I washed and hung it to dry.
  9. It does seem to be that thinner cotton material that get holes easily, like so many t shirts these days, but for the price I paid for it and the fit, I am willing to put up with this and just buy more as needed.
  10. I like a fitted t-shirt that doesn’t hang like a tent which is hard to find when you are large chested but have a smaller waist.
  11. The length varied by as much as 2″ and the shoulders and bust fit looser on one shirt.
  12. An OK shirt for the gym but I expected better quality from Champion.
  13. The material is also very cool for the hot summer weather.
  14. Despite the XXL size I ordered, the shirt does not float like a tent and fits good across the bustline.
  15. When I washed it (and hung it up since it is cotton) it shrank and now it is too short as well.
  16. Really wish I would have kept this one out of the dryer, because it definitely shrunk.
  17. I would guess maybe all of the “heather” colors might be, not just the grey?<
  18. Other than that it’s a great shirt, very soft, cozy material.
  19. Runs true to size, I tried sizing up for length and it’s definitely too big, but it is so comfy I’m going to reorder this size in a color that I hope is 100% cotton and use it as a sleep shirt.
  20. Found that there is a newer version and but some still had the old version.
  21. When I finally got around to ordering I forgot about the new version and accidently ordered 4 of these instead.
  22. The material is somewhat stiff (I had hoped it would be softer), but it’s okay.
  23. Somewhat of a tapered fit, even the large is tight at the waist.

Buy Champion Women’s Jersey V-neck Tee here $5.18 – $22.32

Champion Women’s Marathon Performance Tee

champion women marathon performance tee

  1. The marathon performance tee is enhanced with vapor technology so the harder you work, the faster it dries.
  2. Also, the back is see through, you can see a sports bra right through it.
  3. Like I said this may not bother some of you, but maybe this review will help someone else out.
  4. Not muted like they appear here – think highlighter orange and green.
  5. They fit great, and though they are slightly short (I am 5’4ish, 116lbs, and bought x-small), I love the flowy, breathable fabric.
  6. They dry so quickly and I can wear them twice before they become too smelly.
  7. Actually, they don’t even really smell then, but I feel like life is too short to wear dirty clothes, so I just wash them every few days like a normal person with good hygiene should.
  8. I researched quite a few tops to wear during workouts and know I made the right choice in purchasing this top.
  9. It’s very lightweight and keeps me dry during my workouts.
  10. I purchased two colors at first – white and trek grey – and the white is sheer in the back so you can see what color sports bra I’m wearing.
  11. However, that doesn’t bother me at all, but it may bother others.
  12. I really like how these shirts fit because they’re roomy but not shapeless.
  13. I prefer looser tops and have tried some that make me look boxy.
  14. I have broader shoulders than most women so I have to buy shirts that fit my shoulders, but this can mean the bottom of the shirt is also very wide.
  15. Doesn’t stick your body when you sweat but it will get really staticky after washing.
  16. The picture online doesn’t look sheer, but when worn, it’s pretty see through.
  17. Great for running in the heat but leaves me a little self concious.
  18. You can see the colour of the sports bra I’m wearing, as well as every curve and bulge of my body.
  19. Will keep it in spite of this because I love the way it fits.
  20. It’s airy and doesn’t cling to the body, very comfortable.
  21. As a marathon runner you want something that wicks and evaporates sweat fast and this shirt is great for that!<

Buy Champion Women’s Marathon Performance Tee here $8.95 – $19.95

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