Women butyl Ocun Cora
Climbing shoes Cora is a versatile model dedicated to all enthusiasts of climbing.

Their great technical properties, ensures stability in varied conditions, delighting with their functionality. Producers of climbing shoes is very hard to design a model that would be versatile.

This requires extremely precise selection of properties and finding a golden means of qualities such as stiffness, shape or offered grip, in order to enable users to undertake many challenges in such a varied discipline as climbing. Ocun, however, did it perfectly well, and Cora’s shoes work well on boulders, in scales, on the panel, as well as in multi-jacks. Cora shoes are predisposed for use on lower or normal feet.

Their shape, called Anatomic, is characterized by moderate buckling and asymmetry, thanks to which they provide the right level of comfort while traveling longer roads.

The side panels and the top of the shoe have been coated with rubber, which directly translates into proper distribution of force and easier gripping with the fingers while performing technically more difficult routes. This solution also protects the boot from easy damage in the scales and the fingers from unwanted injury.

The upper has been made of microfiber, which provides a favorable ratio between breathability and strength.

Thanks to this, the shoes will bravely lift the demanding conditions in the field, allowing you to maintain a comfortable indoor climate at the same time. In order to provide users with precise, and at the same time quick fitting shoes to the foot, the designers applied a popular solution, Velcro closure. Ideally suited to the situation when you often download shoes, for example, while training on the panel. Used in the sole Grippin ™ S rubber is characterized by very large adhesion, checking both on large steps, as well as small edges.

Thanks to this, you will not be terribly demanding of a good technical preparation of the route. Cora’s shoes delight with their versatility, offering adequate support for stopping during various forms of climbing activities.

Sredniozaaw. – Yes


Upper-Synthetic leather (microfiber)

Sole-Grippin Sticky 4 mm


Front profile-Sharp


Brand: Ocun

Ocun Ozone Lady

ocun ozone lady

  1. Very precise on tiny footholds and edges and inpockets.
  2. Due to the 3-Force system they set a new trend in the approach to climbing.
  3. The climber‘s performance is boosted by the highly adhesive Vibram XS Grip sole.

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686 Wms Cora Bonded Flc Pullover

wms cora bonded flc pullover

  1. It’s everything you need in a basic all around fleece without being boring.
  2. Wear it as an additional layer on the coldest days of the year.

Buy 686 Wms Cora Bonded Flc Pullover here $59.50 – $85.00

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