Womens socks Bridgedale coolfusion TRAILBLAZE lady plum
A great breathing sock for high shoes.

Technology in the service of feet. Wherever you take your feet-it will definitely remain dry and without prints.

Specially designed T2 zones absorb the most pressure-sensitive areas, and WoolFusion technology allows for efficient moisture removal from the foot.

A modern hybrid construction designed to improve the fit, comfort of use and efficiency of work on the foot. The creation of such a construction was forced by the appearance of light trekking shoes on the market, during which it turned out that the socks existing so far did not allow full use of their properties.

Additional amortization in strategic places was ensured by using a double-density dresser-T2. Possible pressure, which could occur on the part of the string and the tongue of the shoes, is dispersed by the extended surface of the Dorsal Pad, placed on the instep and spreading to the fore end of the center of the foot, so as to wrap the key areas of pressure. Mesh ventilation panels allow you to keep your feet dry, ensuring a relative feeling of coolness and comfort, allowing the user to cover the whole day.

The research carried out by Bridgedale shows that when selecting socks, the users take into account their thermal and depreciation properties. To facilitate the selection, scales were created showing the amortization index and the thermometer pointer. It clearly shows the ratio of the two indicators, thus allowing to dispel doubts about the object of the search.


Composition –
– 37% Nylon / polyamide

– 31% Welna Merino

– 31% Endurofil / polypropylene

– 1% Lycra / spandex

Brand: Bridgedale


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