Women socks Smartwool hike light crew
Universal, perfectly fitting to the foot, comfortable and durable tourist socks.

The technologies used minimize the risk of chafes and guarantee that your feet will be dry and certainly not cold.

The use of WOW ™ technology in key zones eliminates the possibility of wearing a sock and thus increases its durability many times.

Additional stitching on the foot (SmartWool Fit System ™)

and the appropriate degree of stretches depending on the needs, "holds the socks on the spot" and perfectly matches the foot. Technologies –

– WOW ™

– SmartWool Fit System ™

Composition –

– 64% wool

– 26% Nylon

– 10% Elastane

Height above ankle

Additional features –

– flat seams on fingers

– ventilation zones

WOW ™ technology eliminates key socks, especially those that are particularly vulnerable to damage, in socks. By securing their additional layer of Merino wool, the life and durability of the sock has been increased several times, and the comfort of use has been improved. SmartWool Fit System ™ technology ensures stability and non-slip socks from the foot and ankle, through a non-compresive squeegee

– Cufflinker

– Clippers in srodstopie

– Strengthened heel and toe zones

Brand: SmartWool


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