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Versatile Mountain Pro GT RR alpine shoes, produced in Italy by the best specialists from Zamberlan, are excellent quality and convenience at every step in demanding terrain. Refined shoes perfectly cooperating with automatic crayfish will allow you to acquire more difficult peaks.

High uppers in which selected materials are used are characterized by durability and excellent utility properties. Mountain Pro GT RR shoes are made of specially prepared natural Perwanger leather, produced in North Tyrol. This leather is characterized by the highest parameters, which is why it is used in the most advanced high-mountain boots.

This skin is subjected to a long tanning process and Hydrobloc® impregnation process to obtain maximum strength, high water resistance and provide breathability.

The panels made of Cordura, increase the freedom of movement, while maintaining a high degree of durability. The solidity of the structure is emphasized by the rubber covering of the Rubber Reinforcement System applied around the circumference of the shoe.

Gore-Tex® Insulated Comfort membrane is used to support the upper, which not only protects against water that wants to get in from outside but also increases thermal comfort thanks to the thin layer of insulation.

The shoes are equipped with Vibram® Teton special soles that guarantee a high level of adhesion on the various substrates. The use of the Zamberlan PCS system-special profiles on the front and back of the shoe as well as the appropriate stiffening of the sole allow for comfortable use of automatic cancer during the most ambitious entries.

The upper part of the Zamberlan shoes is equipped with an elastic cuff, which provides additional protection against the snow.

The dual language used allows optimal footwear adjustment and ensures high comfort even during longer trips. A special tie system characterized by the use of several types of hooks and guides allows for an optimal fit of the footwear to the current terrain.

Asymmetrical reinforcements on the back of the shoe provide additional protection for the user’s legs.

Shoes are produced in Italian factories, thanks to which they are characterized by above-average quality of performance. Upper: Perwanger natural leather-Codura Cut: High diaphragm: V Otok: V Sole: Vibram Teton-Zamberlan PCS Lining: Material Automatic crampons: V Raki pol-automat.: V Srodpodesh: PU foam with triple density Reinforced front: V GORE-TEX® in footwear: GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort Footwear GORE-TEX® type: GORE-TEX® Insulated Comfort Footwear

Brand: Zamberlan


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